How To Grow Lavendar In Pots: 5 Useful Tips

The lavender is beautiful, easy to grow even in pots on the terrace, the front porch, or the balcony. With multiple properties, the plant is native to the Mediterranean; and its name derives from the verb wash.

1) To cultivate the plant, allocate it to the sunniest part of the balcony or terrace. In general, lavender is adaptable to different climatic conditions and different temperatures and shows some resistance to drought.

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2) Even in terms of soil, lavender is rustic and tends to adapt. However, to cultivate it in pots, use universal soil, add river sand, and a little organic fertilizer as the plant grows in poor soil.

3) Take the seedlings and repot them in spring, at the beginning of the season. For this process, cover the hole in the container with a piece of earthenware, add a layer of expanded clay, and continue with the plant's soil and placement.

How To Grow Lavendar In Pots: 5 Useful Tips
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4) The important precaution to grow lavender in pots is to ensure there are no water stagnations, then ensure a draining soil that allows excess water to flow. In this sense, river sand and expanded clay, seen above, are useful.

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5) Do not water it often; based on the trend, wait for the ground to be parched or intervene when the climate requires it. However, after planting lavender, make sure it has good irrigation, and in the early stages, provide adequate watering until it takes root.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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