Growing Peanuts: 7 Useful Tips

Growing peanuts in our garden is really easy, and you don't also need lots of equipment to do this. Here are some tips to help you out.

1) You can cultivate peanuts in almost any type of soil; even those not too compact and with a slightly acidic pH are preferable.

2) In your vegetable garden design, allocate an area to the peanuts where there have been no other legumes.

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3) To cultivate peanuts in the open ground, do not neglect water, but do not put too much and take care that water stagnations do not build up.

4) Keep in mind that fertilizing is not strictly necessary. Being legumes, in fact, peanuts exploit the nitrogen in the air by fertilizing the earth. But a rich soil is welcome, previously fertilized for the plants that were there before, and in any case, evaluate to understand if your soil is poor and requires adequate fertilization for the plants.

Growing Peanuts: 7 Useful Tips
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5) To cultivate peanuts, start sowing in April-May, usually later in cold areas and any case when temperatures are higher and exceed about 12 degrees. Take the seeds from the pods leaving the red layer, and sow them. Ensure you leave more or less about twenty centimeters of space between one plant and another; also leave about half a meter between the rows.

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6) Peanuts' cultivation does not need much, but tuck the ground one or more times; that is, approach the earth to the plants.

7) You can collect the peanuts when the leaves start to turn yellow; extract the plants, clean them from the earth, and then let the pods dry with the foresight to turn them periodically.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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