How To Cook Dried Beans

Beans are a dish of traditional cuisine rich in nutrients that must be included in our everyday diet. It can pass as a perfect side dish to accompany main dishes in all seasons.

You can use canned beans, but they are actually less flavorful than the dry ones, which still needs to be rehydrated. The ideal is, therefore, to pre-boil dried beans. How to proceed to prepare the best? Let us find out below.

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Before each step, remove the dirt and any residues (soil, gravel) that nestle among the beans. Check to see if the beans are spoiled or have a strange color.

Then put the legumes (250gr is the ideal quantity for 4 people) to soak in cold water for twenty-four hours, in the fridge, with the addition of a carrot, half an onion, and a stick of celery, taking care to change the water after eight hours.

How To Cook Dried Beans
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Then drain them and pass them under fresh running water. Then put them in a steel pot with a thick bottom, then completely cover them with fresh water. To make the skin of the legumes softer, add one teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

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Let the water boil, then cook them over low heat, covering them but leaving a gap between the pot and the cover to allow the steam to escape. At some point, they will begin to foam.

During cooking, the beans gradually consume all the water and increase in volume. As soon as they are cooked (about 45 minutes), turn off the heat and let them cool slightly. Then drain, season as we like (extra virgin olive oil raw or with tuna and a few slices of an onion), and serve.

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