How To Clean Steel Stove, Grill and The Nob Easily

Our kitchen cries out for revenge after the dinner organized for friends. We don't need to wait around any longer before the encrustations solidify and become difficult to remove, particularly the gas cooker. Cleaning all the steel gas machine elements can be tiring, but if we follow the steps carefully, we can lighten the work and be fully satisfied once the cleaning is finished.

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Please make sure the stove has cooled down, put the plates and burners and lids in a mix of boiling water and vinegar after heating, and leave it overnight. The next morning take them out of the mixture, and if there is still any stained area, use an abrasive sponge with a drop of liquid dish soap and rub lightly. In this way, we will not have halos or opaque surfaces, but each piece will shine with its own light.

How To Clean Steel Stove, Grill and The Nob Easily
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Wash the grill by removing it and placing it in the sink. Then sprinkle it with baking soda, leave it on, dip a toothbrush in water, and scrub the grill. Pass the grill under lukewarm water and rinse well. As the last step, polish it with a dry microfibre cloth.

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Then clean the hob, remove any food residues or obvious dirt with a sponge, two drops of dish detergent, and then rinse. Then wipe with a chamois cloth to polish the top, then dry with a microfibre cloth to remove any streaks and dull areas.

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