How To Clean And Disinfect Soft Toys And Puppets: Useful Tips

Puppets and soft toys are very popular, not only with children but even with adults. How many of us have plenty of them placed in the bedroom? We often have puppets from when we were children. Or our children have many; a friend of the heart to take with you in every important moment of your life, to the park or to bed to sleep in the company.

How many vicissitudes will they have experienced? Precisely for this reason, they occasionally need to be cleaned and disinfected to remove dust and mites, which can be vehicles of annoying allergies if you have asthmatic or allergic children at home. Let us see how to clean and disinfect them.

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Read the label of the puppet or soft toy and, if the directions are for dry cleaning, here's how to proceed without immersing it in water. If there are stains, rub with a brush soaked in water and a drop of neutral liquid soap only on the stain. And let it dry. Then mix a cup of baking soda with 10 drops of essential oil. And with a colander, dust on both the front and back of the whole puppet. Let it rest overnight, and then remove the dust with your hands gently.

How To Clean And Disinfect Soft Toys And Puppets: Useful Tips
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How to clean and disinfect soft toys and puppets with water

If it is possible to wash the puppet in water, use mild liquid soap, and let it soak for about fifteen minutes; take them out and rinse thoroughly, without wringing. Finally, let it dry naturally away from the sun or at home near a heater or, if it is in the summer, near a running fan; the hairy coat will become soft and shiny again. Finally, to disinfect it, you can put it in a plastic bag and leave it for 24 hours in the freezer. If they are hairy and good quality puppets, brush them with a dog brush after drying.

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If you want to dare wash it in the washing machine, use neutral soap, disinfectant additive, fabric softener, and put it in a pillowcase before programming the wash at 30°.

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