How to Change the Brake Fluid in a Car

Changing and bleeding the brake fluid is a delicate operation, since if you do not do it well, your safety when driving can be compromised, so read this article well and do it only if you are sure.

Because brake fluid is an extremely corrosive element, changing it is very dangerous, so if you do, protect your eyes and hands. You will need a person to help you. We will explain step by step how to change the brake fluid in a car.

You will need:
Steps to follow:

Step One

If you do not detect any problems before, it will be enough to change your car's brake fluid every two years or every 40,000 kilometers traveled.

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Step Two

Open the hood of the vehicle, which should be off and in a level place. You must use a syringe directly on the car's brake fluid bottle to extract the old one. Immediately enter the new one. The goal is to prevent air from entering the system. If this were to occur, the brakes would not be 100% effective, so pay close attention to this point.

Step Three

Next, you have to remove each of the car's wheels to be able to access the bleeder of the brake caliper. The order you must follow for this operation is as follows:

  • Left rear wheel.
  • Right rear wheel.
  • Left front wheel.
  • Right front wheel.

Step Four

Changing car brake fluid
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On each of the wheels, what you have to do is the following. First, remove the plastic protection from the tube that comes out of the brake cylinder. Afterward, you must connect a rubber sleeve to it. You must put a container in which the old liquid will be deposited at the other end of this instrument.

Step Five

Once these connectors are in the correct shape, purging begins. Before loosening the bleeder screw, your buddy should pump, that is, hit the brake repeatedly but not fully.

Step Six

Afterward, it would help if you opened the bleeder, and your assistant must slowly depress the brake until it reaches the bottom so that the emptying begins. The footfall should be slow and, when it reaches the bottom, your assistant should warn you to close the drain.

Step Seven

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After performing this operation with the first wheel, you will need to open the hood and check that the brake fluid level in the bottle is between the minimum and maximum levels. If it does not reach the minimum, fill it before continuing to the next wheel and close the pot.

Step Eight

Every time you finish the operation with each wheel, in addition to checking the level of the brake fluid in the canister, close the bleeder tightly, remove the hose and put on the plastic protection, and then put the wheel back on.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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