Understanding How Hybrid Technology Works

Faced with the state of climate emergency in which planet Earth finds itself, sustainable mobility is one of the measures that can help stop the effects of climate change before they are entirely irreversible.

To mitigate climate change, it is essential to transform the energy model, and that is why ecological alternatives developed with greener technologies are gaining relevance around the world. Along these lines, the new hybrid vehicles propose sustainable technology with great benefits.

These vehicles are already on the market. For example, Ford recently announced the launch of the new Kuga Hybrid SUV in Argentina. In the country, the company also offers the Mondeo Hybrid.

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The hybrid technology in these vehicles works automatically: it varies between using the electric motor or uses both together to offer greater power and efficiency when needed.

This combination of two engines means a much lower amount of polluting emissions for the environment such as carbon dioxide. This is of the utmost importance since the carbon footprint is one of the primary causes of the climate issue.

The fusion also implies a significant economic saving: fuel must be refilled every more extended than a conventional vehicle.

Hybrid Technology: Several Elements that Ensure Greener Mobility

You should know that hybrid technology is developed with the union of several components. It is interesting to know them to understand how this type of alternative ecological works, which allows choosing trips that take care of the planet's health.

- They use a high voltage battery that stores energy for the electric motor. To recharge, it does not need to be plugged in, but rather it is charged while the internal combustion engine is running or through regenerative braking.

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Image source: Reproduction/Internet

- The system uses the electric motor or both motors according to the solicitations or power demand. The transition from electric to hybrid mode occurs automatically and seamlessly to offer the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

- The high-voltage battery is recharged while driving (not a plug-in hybrid). This happens thanks to the heat engine (as long as the internal combustion engine runs, an electric generator connected to the shaft of said motor will recharge the high-voltage battery).

- To maximize the efficiency of its technology, the New Mondeo Vignale Hybrid has an interactive guide and efficiency sheets that help their drivers: they provide information on vehicle performance and demonstrate how driving habits affect fuel economy and contribute to his improvement. In this way, drivers will be able to understand its operation in-depth and increase its efficiency.

All these elements make up the technology of hybrid vehicles. In Argentina, hybrid cars are coming from Ford and provide a sustainable mobility solution. The strategy of its manufacturers involves working around the world to face the growing mobility challenges in urban environments by creating this type of ecological alternatives that seek efficient consumption and a lower amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart staff

Sources: Bioguia