How to Wax My Car

It's time to tune up your car body. In addition to aesthetic reasons, waxing the car is a fantastic way to keep the paint in good shape. Thanks to the wax's protective layer, protect it from external agents that can damage it, such as bird droppings and dirt splashes. Or hail.

However, you should not abuse either: 2 or 3 applications a year will be enough, and you will have to decide whether you will wax by hand or with a special machine. We will explain how to wax your car to make it look beautiful and well cared for.

Steps to follow:

Step One

The first thing you have to decide is what type of product you will use to wax the car. Basically, you will have to choose between two options.

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  • The natural waxes that are extracted naturally and provide high brightness and shine to the body. They are more difficult to apply but are ideal for dark cars where the wax is much more attractive.
  • The synthetic sealants, a type of chemical that is more durable than wax, also easier to apply. They do not add as much shine as natural waxes, but they can be perfect complementing them, first applying a layer of sealer and, on top, the wax.

Step Two

If you are going to wax by hand, you will have to choose a dry and shaded place to avoid that. Once the product is applied, it dries before you can and is made a mess.

You should also check that the surface of the car, once we have washed it for the occasion, is dry. Otherwise, the drops will cause the product to stain, and the waxing process much more difficult.

Car waxing
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Step Three

When applying the wax, do it in thin layers. If you want the car to be as shiny as a glitter suit, you will not get it by adding a ton of product. What's more, the only thing you will achieve with this is that the wax compacts are practically impossible to handle.

Therefore, it is much better to apply several thin layers, analyzing the product instructions to know how long you have to let one dry before applying the next. Generally, they are usually between 10 and 12 hours.

Step Four

The applicators poly-foam are the best choice for this type of work, especially in achieving spread the wax in an even layer. They are absorbent, resistant, washable, and reusable. They are also very cheap so that you can buy a new one with each waxing.

Step Five

Once you have spread the wax and it is hard, you will have to wipe the wax with a microfiber towel to remove the residue and polish the surface.

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The use of microfiber towels or cloths is ideal as a final step to waxing since they contain fibers that, in addition to not loosening threads, easily absorb all types of dirt and bring luminosity to the final result.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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