How to Apply Makeup in the Car (Without Driving)

Sometimes we go on a trip so, so early, that thinking of putting on makeup at that time and with the face with which you wake up with, despite the shower, is unappetizing. That is why most of the time some people put makeup in the car because the face and eyes have deflated a bit. 

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Since you don't have much space or stability in the car, the idea is to put relatively easy but striking and flattering makeup. That is why you have to put the base at home (although if yours has a dispenser and there is no risk of spilling it, you could put it in the car as well), and the rest of the products are well selected.

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For the shadows, it is best to use a small palette with the necessary colors, so as not to walk with several loose jars. Do not use eyeliner because it is not easy to make the line or the corner with the movements of the car, but applying the shadows correctly is not necessary.

applying makeup in the car
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For the same reason, use a nude lipstick, to avoid disasters if you wear one with strong color and it moves me just at the most opportune moment when applying it.

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