How Often Should One Change Their Sheets: Useful Tips

Our life is a constant rush, and we are cautious about changing and cleaning our clothes, our accessories, but sometimes the cleaning of the house and bed linen takes a back seat. There is always time to wash and tidy up, perhaps when we have sorted out all the other chores.

But on some points, it is better not to compromise; how often do you have to change the sheets? It should be carried out at least once every week. If you really can't, at least change the pillowcases (in summer, even twice a week).

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Why is it important that you are very careful about doing this? As the sweat, our bodies' humidity can be fertile ground for microbes, fungi, and mites that can cause infections and allergies. In fact, it can happen to wake up at night with a stuffy nose due to the dust deposited on the sheets.

How Often Should One Change Their Sheets: Useful Tips
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It is not certain that not changing them often necessarily makes us sick. But it could also cause a type of eczema or a form of contact dermatitis.

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In addition to changing the sheets, it is preferable to wash the bed linen with hot water, following the instructions on the label. The higher the water temperature (at least 60°), the more bacteria and allergens are eliminated. Better still if we ironed them, after having washed them and left them to dry in the direct sun, as the iron equipped with a boiler sanitizes thanks to the high-temperature steam jet.

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