Tips on How to Sort Laundry

Likely, you have ever experienced an accident with your clothes due to carelessness in the wash, and it is that it is enough that a color-fading garment is strained so that the rest of the laundry is forever marked with the imprint of this episode.

That is why we want to share with you a basic but useful article about how to classify clothes for washing and thus prevent your clothes from staining or deteriorating.

Steps to follow:

Step One

First, classify the laundry by separating them by color: white or light-colored garments on the one hand and black or dark (navy blue, gray) on the other.

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It is crucial to follow this step because, in addition to keeping your white garments in better condition, you will be able to regulate the water temperature and prevent any piece from fading and damaging the rest.

Step Two

Never put in the laundry a new colored garment that has not been washed before as there is a high probability that it will fade. It is always convenient to wash these clothes by hand and separately from the rest, if you observe that they fade too much, repeat the process as many times as necessary until it stops

Step Three

When you have a new garment that when washing by hand you notice that it fades, apply the grandmother's trick: let it soak in cold water with a little salt, some people say that it works in any case you can try it

Sorting laundry
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Step Four

It is also convenient to classify the laundry according to the dirt: it separates the dirty clothes from those that have important stains. The latter should probably be left to soak for a few hours in hot water with some stain remover detergent to soften the dirt and make the washing machine more effective.

Step Five

Another important detail to consider is never to wash delicate garments and those for daily use, as there are two different wash cycles. If it is just a dress or two delicate garments then it is best to take them to the dry cleaner, if there are many separate the laundry

Step Six

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When classifying the laundry, turn the items you want to take better care of, for example, jeans, a sweatshirt, and even delicate items, upside down to protect the outer layer from friction from the washing machine.

Step Seven

Also, remember to use a bag to wash the most delicate lingerie items, swimsuits, or clothing made of elastic or lycra material. This way, it will last longer.

More Tips

  • Follow these recommendations to keep your clothes in good condition despite the passage of

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