Disinfection Of An Apartment: Step By Step Guide

The flu epidemic continues and to protect yourself and your family from viruses, you should constantly do general cleaning in the apartment. It is unnecessary to buy special chemicals in the store; almost everyone in the house has effective disinfectants. These are hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, lemon, ammonia.

"Viruses can persist on many materials for extended periods of time. On plastic, glass, metal, the flu virus can live for up to two days. On the hands for about 20 minutes. Therefore, it is so important not to touch the mouth, eyes, and you only need to sneeze and blow your nose in a napkin or, if not nothing at hand, up to your sleeve, "says therapist Valentina Andreichenko.

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Disinfection Of An Apartment: Step By Step Guide
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Where to begin

To begin with, wash all curtains, bedding, soft toys, bedspreads in the washing machine at a temperature of at least 70° C. If you have carpets, it is better to have them dry cleaned or, if not, roll them up, wrap them in plastic and put them in the closet.

You always need to start cleaning with the bedroom, the living room, kitchen, bath, and toilet. We wipe the dust on furniture, shelves, not forgetting about interior doors, picture frames, small figurines.

How to clean

  • You can clean the floor with the help of available chemicals—for example, hydrogen peroxide. For a bucket of water (10 liters), 1 glass of peroxide will be enough.
  • Wooden and lacquered furniture can be cleaned with linseed oil. It is a powerful antiseptic. Don't worry; wood absorbs oil well.
  • Glass surfaces are best treated with vinegar diluted 1: 3 with water. If you can't stand the smell of vinegar, replace it with lemon juice. The cleaning effect will be the same.
  • Sinks and kitchen surfaces can be treated with a concentrated salt solution (1 kg per 2 liters of water). Good for kitchen cleaning and ammonia. For an antibacterial solution, dissolve 1 tablespoon of alcohol in 1 liter of water.
  • Plastic items must be cleaned with chlorine-based products. You can buy them at any household chemicals store. Just read the instructions for use carefully.
  • Use a bleach-based product to get rid of germs in the toilet.

Be sure to ventilate the apartment 2 times a day. And the bedroom 15-20 minutes before bedtime. To disinfect the air, you can use an aroma lamp, adding essential oils of juniper, eucalyptus, lemon.

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What are the dirtiest items?

It is best to wipe the dirtiest objects in an apartment with alcohol-based wipes. Places that keep viruses the longest are: doorknobs, switches, mobile phones, tablets, keyboards and mice, bags, wallets. During an epidemic, they should be wiped with antibacterial wipes at least once a day. And phones are more ordinary. As soon as you pick up a smartphone, wipe it right away.

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