How To Extend Your Weekend: Five Psychological Tricks

Weekends, especially if they are fun and in good company, fly by like an instant. And then, on Sunday evening, you already begin to wait for the next 48 hours of relaxation at the end of a week that has not yet begun.

If fatigue came to you on Monday, then read on making the next weekend as useful as possible. How to extend the weekend and at the end of them feel rested, happy, and ready for a new work week, Lisa tells and shares five secrets.

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1. Start your weekend on Friday night

Make sure you have big plans for Friday night. Get some fresh city air with a stroll, go to a party or have a bachelorette party at home. Why? Because transferring all the noisy fun from Saturday night to Friday night is a great idea! You will be exhausted, especially if you drank alcohol, and you can get plenty of sleep once per weekend without spending half of Sunday on it.

Thus, divide your weekend into three parts; breakaway on Friday, take a day off on Saturday and have a productive day on Sunday.

2. Plan. Plan. And, once again, plan.

You may be tired of planning everything on your workdays, but we guarantee that by completing a few planned tasks on the weekend, you will feel that they began to seem noticeably longer. Visit a new restaurant, meet friends you haven't seen for a long time, go to a dance lesson, or go for a walk in the countryside. Anything that makes you move actively will noticeably improve your well-being, mood, and, as a bonus, prolong your weekend feeling!

How To Extend Your Weekend: Five Psychological Tricks
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3. Diversify your leisure time

Don't sit in front of the TV all weekend long! It's a great idea to watch a movie at the cinema, go to a concert or exhibition, or hang out with family or friends. The more varied your leisure time, the more it will seem to you that you have done a lot over the weekend.

4. Meditate on Sunday

Attending a yoga class on a Sunday night or doing a meditation exercise at home with the lights off, soothing music, and scented candles are the perfect way to extend the joy of the weekend and carry it over to the coming week. This weekend ritual helps to relieve stress and prevent the anxiety of a busy Monday.

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5. Take a bath before bed

Round off your epic weekend with a bubble bath with sea salt, essential oils, and a cup of soothing chamomile tea. Such a ritual will allow you to enjoy time "for yourself" before the new work week begins. It's also the best way to lull yourself to sleep before bed, so go straight to bed from the bath without being distracted by TV or social media. Give yourself a deep healing sleep that will fill you with energy and health for the whole coming week.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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