Here Are The Rules For An Ecological Camping

Camping is seen as a responsible, sustainable, and ecological choice, but some rules must also be followed in learning and daily management for it to be true.

- The first rule is that camping must only be done in the predetermined spaces; many places could be private property or protected natural areas, so you must pay close attention to the place where you decide to pitch your tent and inform yourself that this is allowed by law local.

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Despite seeming obvious, a rule that is sometimes broken is that you must try not to get dirty and not leave any trace of your passage when camping. Papers, waste, empty containers must be collected and disposed of in the first inhabited center. As we found it, the traces of the passage will be erased by time and bad weather.

- The laundry will have to be done using water and mild soap, making sure it is made up of only natural ingredients; you can use soda and olive oil.

If you happen to find waste, it is a good idea to collect and dispose of it even if others produced it; every small gesture helps maintain nature's beauty.

Here Are The Rules For An Ecological Camping
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Attention also to noise pollution; the noises are annoying for other campers and all the wild animals that inhabit the natural spaces' quiet.

- If we decide to light a dim, this must be done very carefully, only in designated areas or where other fires have already been lit. Otherwise, it must be delimited with stones, it must be lit away from branches or brushwood, and must not be abandoned if the embers are still scorching, but extinguished with earth or water.

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- The general rule is to use natural and biodegradable, organic, and natural products as much as possible, from soaps to sprays, from sun creams to daily products, without forgetting foods and foods, products that therefore do not require the use of pesticides or preservatives.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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