Camping Tent: How To Clean It After Your Holiday

The camping tent must be stored in the attic, but before doing so, it is necessary to clean it as best as possible to avoid the risk of mold forming and unpleasant odors remaining with the danger of not being able to reuse it the following year. In any case, it is preferable before disassembling it and returning home to clean the tent with a brush to eliminate dust and any mud.

- Once at home, put the tent back outside or where you have a water pump, fill a bucket with warm water and neutral soap, dip a rag and squeeze it lightly to remove the excess water.

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- Start with the inside and clean with a cloth and soapy water; Use a brush to scrub the hollows or the most difficult to reach areas, then move on to the outside and rub with the soapy cloth all over the tent and insist on the dirtiest areas or stained.

- If the stains are particularly resistant, use the grease remover and rub with a rough sponge, taking care to rinse well once the stain has been removed so as not to risk damaging the colors.

- Also, clean the poles, pegs with warm water, and a cloth to remove mud and dirt.

Camping Tent: How To Clean It After Your Holiday
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- Rinse each piece of the tent with the water pump to remove any soap residue.

Leave everything to dry in the sun, taking care that the tent does not remain damp before storing it; otherwise, it will be unusable the following year.

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- Store it in the attic or the compartment under the bed, avoiding humid environments that could ruin it.

- Always place it in its case eliminating excess air before closing it.

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