iMuscle 2 App – How to Download

Some people rely on mobile apps as guides for workouts and exercises. With these apps, they can do their workouts anywhere, even from home. Luckily there are tons of workout apps that vary depending on their target users.

For those looking for an app that specifically targets different muscles, iMuscle 2 would be a great companion. It focuses on providing workout routines to its users for different muscles.


Discover the iMuscle 2 app and its range of features below. Find out how it can help you with your strength-training sessions and fitness goals.

  • About the iMuscle 2 App
  • Learn About Your Muscles with iMuscle 2’s Human 3D Model
  • Targeting Muscles from a Library of Exercises
  • In-Depth Descriptions for Exercises
  • Creating a Custom Workout
  • Tracking Progress and Statistics

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download

About the iMuscle 2 App

I am one of those people who is not fond of going to gyms, so I aim to invest in equipment at home. Because of this, I rely upon workout mobile apps for routines to improve my physique and fitness. 

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download

However, I want to use an app that can provide comprehensive explanations and details of the workouts because I am not very knowledgeable in that area. My goal is to improve my muscles, so I wanted to make sure I was using a program that was well-rounded.

The iMuscle 2 app has met my requirements for a workout app. I trust the app because it has been a long-time, recognized app for health and fitness ever since it reached the top of its genre back in 2011. 

Since then, 3D4Medical has been committed to improving the app to help more users achieve their fitness goals.

iMuscle 2 Price, Compatibility, and Account

This award-winning app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. It requires a one-time purchase of $1.99 to use the features and content.

Moreover, iMuscle 2 is compatible only with iOS 9.0 or the later versions. Android users must be running their devices on Android 4.4 and up for a smoother user experience. 

Upon installation, I was required to create an account on the app to save my progress and data properly. It will also help me to retrieve and sync my saved data across devices.

Learn About Your Muscles with iMuscle 2’s Human 3D Model

Aside from the workout routines, the iMuscle 2 app has a 3D model of the human body highlighting the muscles. This has helped me learn about each muscle and how I can target them properly in various exercises. 

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download
Image Source: MadsApp

The 3D render is anatomically correct and shows both superficial and deep muscles. 

As I explored the 3D model, the app provided the proper names and short descriptions of the specific muscles. 

The iMuscle 2 app is a great tool to learn more about our muscles before we select the right exercise program for us. 

Exploring the 3D Model

When I first used the app, it felt like I was in a science laboratory, especially while exploring the various muscles. The app allowed me to rotate the body and zoom into a particular area for details.

In addition, I used the scalpel tool to reveal some deeper muscles. To use this feature, just tap and drag the scalpel icon to the part of the body where you would like to look into.

This technology is made possible by the newly-developed graphics engine of iMuscle 2. 

Targeting Muscles from a Library of Exercises

The main feature of the iMuscle 2 app is the extensive library of exercises for specific muscles. The app lists corresponding exercises for any muscles that the user wishes to work out on or improve. 

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download
Image Source: Softonic

There are two ways to search for exercises. The first is by tapping the 3D model. In this option, I click on the specific muscle on the model, and the app will provide the related exercises.

The second option is by manually searching the exercise or muscle on the Exercise tab. Upon selecting the muscle I want to improve, the app lists all the related workout routines for us to choose from. 

Aside from the body part that you would like to work on, the app offers filters for more convenient searching. All I had to do was provide my intended or preferred exercise type and equipment used.

Exercising Primary and Secondary Muscles

Another thing I liked about the app is that it does not offer limited choices for exercise. Aside from the list of workouts meant for a specific body area or muscle, the app categorizes the exercises into primary and secondary

These categories depend on whether an exercise primarily targets the muscle or not. 

Some exercises may not focus on a particular muscle, but that muscle could still be stretched and improved during the routine. 

In-Depth Descriptions for Exercises

As someone not too familiar with workout routines, I found iMuscle 2 extremely helpful because I don’t have to guess how to do the various exercises. The app provides thorough descriptions and animations.

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download
Image Source: Softonic

Each exercise on the app has a detailed animation so that I can follow the movement properly. The animations highlight what specific body parts should be moving, stretching, or bending during the routine. 

The instructions on the app are very detailed. The steps provided are clear and organized, so they will be easy to follow. In addition, the descriptions of the routine are not only limited to the routine itself but also describe the preparations needed.

The iMuscle 2 app knows that exercises require proper body preparation, such as warming up and stretching, to avoid possible injuries. Moreover, the app offers instructions on setting up various equipment if needed for the routine.

Customized Exercises

The app has over 650 exercises. However, users can contribute to this growing number as it is possible to customize exercises to fit personal preferences. The customized exercises will also be saved to the app’s database.

The iMuscle 2 app is also a community among its users, so all the saved customized exercises can be accessed by other users as well. 

Note that these exercises are often designed for home or gym workouts, so we just have to choose accordingly.

Creating a Custom Workout

It is important to choose the exercises that fit your goal. While you can enjoy the 50+ preset workouts on iMuscle 2, you can also customize or personalize your workout routines on the app. 

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download
Image Source: Google Play Store

Creating and organizing my personal workout routines on the app is easy. All you have to do is use the drag and drop function to add exercises to the My Workout tab.

You can create several customized workout routines in which each exercise is provided with the number of sets, repetitions, and weights. 

Once I was done customizing my routine, I just had to press ‘play’ and begin my workout. The app automatically provides a timer and instructions for each exercise to be properly guided during the routine.

iMuscle 2 for Various Users

The company created the iMuscle 2 app for users with different needs, targets, and intentions. Thus, they made the app open to users such as fitness instructors, physiotherapists, and fitness enthusiasts. 

Since the app offers exercises applicable for both home and gym environments, anybody can use the app as a guide when doing their workout wherever they are. Moreover, the app has alternative exercises in case of lacking equipment or limited space. 

Instructors and physiotherapists can freely use the app for their clients. They can design workout routines through the app, and despite not being together for the training session, the client can still accomplish the workout.

Tracking Progress and Statistics

It is not enough that I work out and build strength, but I like to be able to see my statistics too. Thus, iMuscle 2 provides the tracking tools for my performance.

iMuscle 2 App - How to Download
Image Source: Google Play Store

I can use the Body Tracker feature to check whether I have gained or lost weight. It is possible to monitor my weight, body fat, and lean mass, all on the app. It can also identify my fitness level so far. 

On the other hand, the Workout Progress gives me a glimpse of how I do several exercises in my routines. It shows me the statistics on my calories, endurance, and strength. 

The statistics provided are for both individual exercises and entire workouts.

Share and Sync Data

The iMuscle 2 app allows me to sync my saved data across devices. So, I can continue my workout routine even if I am not using my original device, as the data will be saved on cloud storage. I just need to sign in using my registered account on the app.

Seeing my progress from working out is quite fulfilling. On the iMuscle 2 app, I can share my progress across various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from progress, I can also share my customized workout routines with my friends through email and social media. 


I trust the iMuscle 2 app for my workout routines because it provides a wide variety of exercises fit for particular muscles. Each exercise has detailed instructions and is partnered with animations so that I can easily follow them. 

The app provides me a way to monitor my progress through the Body Tracker and Workout Progress features. Lastly, I can proudly share my progress with my friends across platforms.