Holidays In The Tent: Everything You Need To Pack

Packing your suitcase, especially the first time, may not be easy, because if it is true that you do not need evening dresses or 20 pairs of shoes, it is also true that there are many things to have with you and some at all obvious. The number one tip is to create a checklist to be checked before departure and dismantle the tent to go home. It's crucial to not forget anything. Here is more.

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Equipment and tent



Tarpaulin to protect the bottom of the tent

Carpet for the living area or to hang out at the entrance to the tent

Airbeds (if inflatable, a pump is required)

Sleeping bags and pillows

Pegs and hammer for assembly

Cables with tension hooks

Scoop for digging a drainage channel around the tent in the event of a sudden storm

Electric cable (I would recommend at least 30 meters) to connect the power supply

Power strip with at least 4 sockets Electrical tape (there is always something to repair when camping)


Spare batteries

Deck chairs and stools

Swiss Army knife

Holidays In The Tent: Everything You Need To Pack
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Personal care

Shampoo and shower





Toilet paper

Wet wipes

Toilet seat cover

Insect repellents

What to eat or cook

Can opener

Bottle opener



Camping stove

Gas or charcoal grill, with a sufficient number of refills to power

Dish drainer and detergent

Coffee maker

Chopping board




Plastic plates and glasses

Trash bags

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Aluminum foil for storing leftovers

Dish soap

To this, you need to add a backpack with clothes. The changes must be few. Always carry laundry soap with you to wash your underwear and shirts with as often as possible.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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