Five "Healthy" Foods That Actually Harm Your Health

Healthy eating recommendations change very quickly. According to MSN, nutritionists have recently compiled a list of "healthy" but actually unhealthy foods. We tell you which foods should be avoided, despite fashion trends and generally accepted judgments.

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Coffee affects the production of parathyroid hormone, which helps accelerate the release of calcium from the bone. If you want to avoid osteoporosis, it's best not to overuse coffee but occasionally alternate it with tea. Doctors recommend drinking no more than three cups of an invigorating drink per day.

Rice Cakes

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Rice cakes are a product with a high glycemic index. Their regular use will contribute to fluctuations in blood sugar levels - its sharp spikes and drops, which adversely affects metabolism, increases appetite, and promotes weight gain.

Prepared muesli and granola

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Muesli is the same processed grains in the form of flakes with seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and candied fruits. This product contains a lot of sugar, and therefore, calories. Also, colorings, flavors, and preservatives can be added to muesli.

Soy milk

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Scientists believe that soy milk leads to an imbalance in sex hormones and negatively affects fertility and the menstrual cycle. If you are not lactose intolerant, you should limit your intake of this food.

Fresh bakery

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Ready-made baked goods often contain trans fats such as margarine. They can provoke the development of serious cardiovascular diseases, such as ischemic and hypertension, atherosclerosis, and heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

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