How To Put Things In A Suitcase Correctly: Tips And Life Hacks

You always have to pay for extra baggage, which is why travelers sometimes go to extremes. If you need to put all your belongings in your carry-on luggage, here are some tips and life hacks to help you properly pack your suitcase.

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How to properly pack your suitcase

  • Take only soft and comfortable shoes for rest. Hairpins, shoes take only if an event is planned "on occasion." Keep in mind; There is no trip where more than three pairs of shoes come in handy. Put each pair in different bags and different places in your suitcase.
  • Fold all things with rollers, not in layers, along the entire length of the suitcase. This method does not apply to shirts; they must be placed using the "landscape sheet" method.
  • Do not fold belts, wires, but lay them along the empty walls of the suitcase.
How To Put Things In A Suitcase Correctly: Tips And Life Hacks
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  • Jackets and coats also have their own way of folding - "shoulder to shoulder." Turn your shoulder inside out and fold your jacket or coat in half so that the un-inverted shoulder fits into the inverted one.
  • Layout the sorted things on the floor and look again - are all these things essential? Rather, there are a couple of dresses, jeans, and sweaters that you definitely won't need. And most importantly, ask yourself the question: "What can't I do without?"

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