Eye Makeup: 4 Ways To Achieve A Young Look

The eye makeup is important to give light to the face and make it a more intense look. But it also serves to make you look a little younger. Here are some easy tips to put into practice.

Eliminate dark circles. You may have noticed that the shadows around your eyes have gotten darker as you age. This is because the skin around the eyes thins. Concealer is a must for younger looking eyes. Look for a liquid that reflects light.

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Eye drops. After menopause, your eyes may be drier, which could mean they are prone to looking red and tired as well as feeling uncomfortable. Try eye drops for dry eyes. To remove redness from the rims of the eyes, lightly trace a flesh-colored eyeliner pencil on the inner edge of the lower lid.

Eye Makeup: 4 Ways To Achieve A Young Look
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Lift your eyelids. It is typical for eyelids to sag with age. You will especially notice this if you have always had a naturally hooded eye shape, where the skin just below the forehead protrudes over the movable part of the eyelid.

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Soften the lines. The earliest indication of aging is crow's feet, and once you are 50 they begin to deepen. Apply an eye cream designed to soften the look of the lines. Avoid wearing makeup on or near wrinkles, but focus on your eyes to distract attention from everything around them.

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