7 Ways to Deal With Loneliness

Loneliness has become the main fear of modern people. We do everything to be with someone; we go to uninteresting parties, listen to boring interlocutors, rush to get married, create the illusion of communication on social networks. Recology.co founder Tyler Tervoren shared the secrets of how to be lonely and completely happy.

Today it seems that something is wrong with you if you are alone. We praise extroverts - those who know how to behave in a crowd and have many friends. Working in groups and teams is the only way to find a solution to this problem. That two heads are better than one; That collaboration is the only way for the future.

If you are an extrovert, do not assume that this article has no value to you. In the same way that introverts try to find pleasure with a group of people, you can find a way to enjoy the time with yourself. It is the greatest value to be able to be alone with yourself.

The following 13 rules I use when I am alone. Whether you are an introvert trying to adjust to the extrovert world or extrovert learning to be alone, I think these rules will help you too.

1. Understand that you are good on your own

You are a valued person; you do not need someone's approval to be sure of this. When you are alone, remind yourself of this because you yourself made that choice. Finding someone to spend time with you is easy, but remind yourself that it's better to be alone is preferable to being with someone who is unworthy of you.

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2. Appreciate the opinion of others, but your own more

Don't ask for advice if you don't really need it. Instead, ask yourself for advice. The more time you ask yourself questions, the less you will wait for an answer from others. When you believe in your ability to solve issues, you become a stronger and more confident person. You will be able to tackle problems that were previously lacking in strength.

3. Learn to be an observer

If you are not interested in anything, it says more about you than if someone else finds you boring. To truly enjoy being alone, learn to see ordinary situations in a new light. Visit the park and observe folks playing with their dogs or children.

Wherever you go, make an effort to understand the people around you. Understanding how people act when no one is looking at them will make you feel more connected to them.

4. Close your eyes in a dark room and listen to the silence

The world is a lively place. If you don’t pull away from it now then, you’ll easily forget how wonderful it is to sit alone and enjoy your company.

Spend a moment sitting quietly in a dark space. Listen to everything that is happening around you. You can learn a lot about yourself in these moments when you are not busy with anything when there is nothing that would distract you from thoughts and feelings that you can deny at other times.

7 Ways to Deal With Loneliness
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5. Learn to talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is quite normal. You're crazy if you think that's not true. Each person has an inner voice that constantly speaks to him.

Getting to know the owner of this voice and learning how to speak with him is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When you fill the time with other people, it is easier to ignore that voice, but this is your only company when you are alone.

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6. Appreciate every moment

Some people have to live through tragedy before realizing how short their stay in this world is. Time alone is important. Time alone is wonderful. But this time is wasted on others.

There is no such thing as an uninteresting person or circumstance. If you get bored, then you are not paying attention. The problem is with you, not your environment. Take an interest in the people who come into your life. Pay close attention to what they have to say. Watch what they do. Try to understand them. And you will become the best for them.

7. Rearrange the furniture

When you're by yourself, it's easy to think that nothing is changing in the world. And this is true if you are not making an effort to change something. Rearranging furniture is not a big deal, but it can breathe life into a routine that is easy to fall victim to if left alone for a long time.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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