5 Phrases You Should Never Say to Your Boss

If you love your job and you still want to keep it, be careful of these careless words as they can get you in trouble. Read on!

1. I can’t / it’s impossible

Any company needs employees who can handle assignments. Especially if they are asked to do something along with the profile and not bite the elbow or wear pants over their heads. Therefore, a quick answer about the impossibility of completing the task only speaks of an unwillingness to work.


What to replace

Some tasks can indeed be difficult to accomplish or can be implemented with dire consequences. Therefore, listen carefully to the assignment and then return with arguments why it is impossible to complete it, what can be done in this direction, and the consequences.

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2. I am not usually the one that handles This description

Whatever you mean, the boss is likely to hear only about your unwillingness to develop. Even creative work becomes routine over time, so it should be a joy for an experienced employee to change boring duties for new ones. Moreover, this is what will help you in the future to apply for positions with higher salaries.

What to replace

If you plan to give up a task not out of laziness but because you are busy, explain the situation and discuss whom you can delegate some of the current affairs to free up time for new achievements.

3. And what will I get for it?

As long as we are not talking about processing, bidding is rarely appropriate. You are unlikely to be sent to unload trucks if you are a manager. And for completing current tasks, you already receive a salary.

What to replace

The issue of compensation should be raised when you are overworking or your list of responsibilities has not changed but expanded. But for a conversation about a salary increase, you need to prepare arguments that will prove your effectiveness.

5 Phrases You Should Never Say to Your Boss
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4. You are wrong

Yes, poking your boss into a mistake is very tempting. Especially in public; let everyone see that you should be in his place. The only problem is that he is already in office, and probably deservedly so. In general, it is common for a person to make mistakes, even if he is a boss. So you will not achieve your goal, and the leader may turn out to be vindictive.

What to replace

Refer to authoritative sources. For example, you might ask if your boss uses fresh data because the quarterly report has a different figure. Point out the mistake with concern for the common cause, not with the challenge.

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5. I don’t know

If you are not in a class in high school, no one expects you to remember everything. When asking a question, you are instructed to figure out the answer to it, and not a memory test.

What to replace

If it takes time to find an answer, ask how quickly you need to provide data. Then take a break to find out the information you need.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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