12 Adult Problems Life Didn't Prepare Us For

Reddit user bathtub_seizure asked readers what problems of adulthood they were completely unprepared for. These are their comments.

1. “My work undermines my mental health, but I need it to pay my bills every month. If I take fewer hours to improve my work-life balance, I will lose my insurance right during the pandemic.”

2. “Adults don't really grow up. I thought as people get older, they become more mature. In fact, many adults are older teens.”

3. "Your back can hurt just because you slept in the wrong position."

4. “I lost my wife, with whom I lived for 35 years. It is simply impossible to prepare for this”

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5. "At some point, you realize that some of your friends are terrible, and it's time for you to break up."

6. “Nobody prepared me for how often I need to clean to keep my house clean.”

7. “How expensive it really is to live. I worked for my entire high school, but I only paid for gas all the time. 30 hours a week, even with the minimum rate, was enough for shopping and manicure, given that I didn't need anything else. I never learned how to save and spend resources adequately. Now, of course, I am not in debt, but still, the need to spend money on food and household chemicals sometimes upsets me irrationally much."

12 Adult Problems Life Didn't Prepare Us For
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8. "How quickly fruits and vegetables spoil - especially when you buy them on the market."

9. “You have to decide what you will eat 3 times a day, 7 days a week.”

10. “Those close to you are counting on you - both your parents and your own children. You are like the filling in a sandwich of responsibility, and every day you carry more and more weight."

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11. "Nobody but you will kill this scary spider now."

12. "You can lose your job, even if you did it perfectly and did not make a single mistake."

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