10 Ways to Improve Your Mood in Less Than an Hour

By doing this once, you will delight yourself. And repeating regularly can change your life.

1. Stretch

Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle, which is seriously harmful to health in the long term. Also, spending a lot of time sitting in the same position is simply unpleasant. So get up and stretch. Remember to combine movement with deep breaths. It will only take you 20-30 minutes, but you will feel better, both physically and mentally. And if you practice regularly, it will improve your health.

2. Call a friend

Sadness, discouragement, irritation, and other unpleasant emotions often arise from loneliness. Talking to a friend will let you chill out and remind yourself that there are people to whom you are important. And if you make an appointment (albeit a virtual one, perhaps), you will have an additional reason to rejoice.

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3. Get out in nature

Just walk or sit in the sun a little, and you will feel better. Vitamin D and the endorphin influx you get from breathing in the fresh air will help you reduce stress.

4. Help someone

Volunteer on an important project to bring groceries to your elderly neighbor or donate unwanted items to charity. By doing something selfless, you will feel happier and make the world around you a little better.

5. Go in for sports

Naturally, this is good for your health. Also, the endorphins released during exercise will energize you with positive emotions. And you don't have to train for hours to benefit. In 30 or even 15 minutes, you will improve your form and be inspired for other achievements.

6. Do the targeting exercise

  • Take a piece of paper and draw two perpendicular lines.
  • In the first square you get, write down where you would like to be in five years.
  • In the second, what needs to happen for you to achieve it. These points will become your goals for the year.
  • In the third square, write down what you need to do to get closer to your long-term goals. This will give you goals for the quarter.
  • Fourth, what to do to achieve the desired quarterly results. This is where you get your goals for the week.

These four squares will help you see what you're aiming for and plan your dream. Follow it to make your life really change.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mood in Less Than an Hour
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7. Write down what you love about yourself

To increase your self-confidence, consider what qualities and traits you like. Write a few of them on pieces of paper and post them in a prominent place at home. Once you catch your eyes on them, you will feel a surge of good mood and confidence. When the effect starts to fade, replace this portion of the leaves with stickers with different qualities.

8. Keep a diary

Diary entries help to throw out all the thoughts that have accumulated in your head. Sometimes, you realize something important - something that you overlooked in the daily hustle and bustle. Take 5-10 minutes throughout the day to do this, write down your thoughts and feelings, and enjoy the sense of clarity.

9. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in life

Write down whatever comes to mind - big dreams and small ones. Ensure that the list does not include other people's expectations, but only what is important to you.

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10. Do the cleaning

Purity in consciousness begins with purity around. Dust off, get rid of unnecessary things, put things in their places, and you will feel relieved. Avoid attempting to cover everything at once - set aside half an hour a day to tidy up one corner. Start cleaning in your work area. Confusion has been proven to cause stress, and there is enough stress at work.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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