10 Things You Should Praise Yourself for. Try it Now!

You have many reasons to admire yourself, even if, at first glance, it does not seem so. Praises cheer up and motivate people to move forward. Only now, an adult is rarely praised by someone, so it is important to learn how to do it yourself. And not only for major victories but also for what we usually take for granted.

1. For doing daily activities

We get up on time, go to work or school, cook lunch. It would seem to be the usual duties of an adult. But such routine tasks seem simple only at first glance. In fact, they require willpower and discipline. To do them, you often have to cope with resistance, procrastination, fatigue, bad mood. And if you succeed, you are definitely worthy of praise.

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2. For overcoming yourself

Let's say you are an introvert, but you go to a work conference where you will perform on stage and interact with colleagues. Or you have never played sports, but started going to the gym. Or, you can get up the courage and tell the other person an unpleasant but important truth.

Overcoming such can be very difficult, and if you even try to do it, tell yourself that you are great.

3. For saying "no" when they sit on your neck

If any requests go against your interests and values, it's perfectly okay to say a firm “no” to them. This way, you save time, energy, money, and prevent other people from exploiting you. A person who values ​​their resources and does not waste them on others unnecessarily may be called an egoist. But these accusations can be safely addressed to those who want to shift their affairs to others and fill them up with inappropriate requests.

4. For being able to stand up for yourself

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. Defend your interests. Fighting for what's important to you. Do not swallow resentment and declare your dissatisfaction. Don't be afraid to sound unpleasant, and don't try to please everyone.

10 Things You Should Praise Yourself for. Try it Now!
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5. Avoid Unsolicited Advice

Do not go in with unsolicited criticism and advice, do not discount or ridicule others, choose words when expressing an opinion. You respect someone else's time; don't be late for meetings, don't ask people about what you can do yourself. Do not manipulate; speak openly and honestly about your feelings, desires, and intentions.

Borders don't push people away from each other; they help build healthy relationships - romantic, friendships, or work. Such communication is based on trust and respect, not control, fear, and manipulation. All of this can be not easy, especially if you have lived with different attitudes for a long time. But if you're trying, be sure to compliment yourself.

6. For taking care of yourself

Take care of your health, eat well, and sleep, do not forget to rest; you can pamper yourself.

For example, rest is important for productivity and wellness. It helps to fill with new strengths and ideas, to work with great inspiration and dedication. Occasionally disconnecting from all affairs and enjoying moments of peace without a prick of conscience is a valuable skill. After all, the desire to replenish resources is often perceived as idleness and idleness. The better you treat yourself, the more good (including for others) you can do, and the better you will feel.

7. For learning from your mistakes

Mistakes mean that you are not standing still and trying to take on something difficult and unusual for you. And if you do not look for the guilty and do not revel in your own sadness, but analyze the reasons and try to act differently next time, then you only become better from your own mistakes.

This approach is called proactive. It assumes that you are aware of your share of responsibility for what happened, do not fixate on failures and change tactics. If you can do this, you have clearly done a great job, and it deserves respect.

8. For learning something new

You read books and articles, listen to podcasts and lectures, take courses, study on your own. New knowledge makes you a more competent, deep, and versatile person, helps you generate interesting ideas.

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9. For doing more than you should

Taking on personal projects or hobbies can be difficult. And not so much because of a lack of time, but because of a lack of external motivation. You usually don't get paid for sculpting clay, painting, learning languages, or volunteering on weekends. And if you decide to give up all this, you will not be fired or fined.

The fact that you still beautify your life with these "optional" activities deserves immense respect.

10. For moving forward

And it doesn't matter at what pace you go and how impressive results you achieve. Even if you take a microscopic step towards your goal every day, you already have something to praise yourself for. Maybe you've learned a new foreign word, read a page in a book, or just thought about how to proceed. Even such insignificant, at first glance, actions bring you closer to what you want.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Life hacker