5 Smart Ways To Say No To Your Boss

Many are afraid that they will be considered uninterested in the job if they refuse their superiors' request. In fact, this will only show responsibility. After all, you will be much more productive and do more if you have time to rest.

We frequently receive requests from our bosses to stay late, work on the weekends, attend a conference on the day that we have a concert, and assist a colleague with a report. While working in a team is very important, it is equally important to be able to set personal boundaries and enjoy the work. Here are five ways to refuse such requests without using the word no.

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1. Say, "Yes, and ..."

If your boss insists that you stay late and complete the report, acknowledge that you heard it, but immediately set a time limit. Instead of “No, but…” say “Yes, and…”. For example: “Yes, and I also have an appointment today that I cannot reschedule. By what time do you need a report? " This will let you know that you are ready to help but cannot stay at work all evening. Having specified the urgency of the order, you can offer the most convenient option for yourself.

2. Agree to complete part of the assignment

Perhaps your boss has asked you to join an important project you are interested in but would not like to lead. If there is a portion of the project that you know you can help with, offer your assistance. Say: “I don’t think I will be able to take on the whole project, because now all my time is spent on…. But I will have time to analyze the data if someone else draws up a report".

3. Reframe the request

Break your answer into three parts. First, acknowledge the importance of asking, "I understand it's essential to be on time." Then explain the situation: "I had planned a few weeks ago ... and would not like to miss it." In the end, offer to either come early on Monday morning or help colleagues in advance so that they can cope with the task in your absence. Only agree to change your plans as a last resort.

5 Smart Ways To Say No To Your Boss
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4. Suggest an alternative solution

Be clear about why you are giving up and suggest another solution to the problem. For example; “I cannot stay after work today because I need to pick up my child from kindergarten. But I will talk to X; maybe he can help you. " Don't apologize too much. It is enough to name a convincing reason and offer a solution to the problem.

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5. Ask a colleague for help, but see to it yourself

When you are asked to complete a task, you take responsibility for it. It's possible that all you need to do is keep an eye on how it's being implemented.  If so, say, “If X prepares a draft, I'll finalize it tomorrow and submit it by the deadline.” Just remember to acknowledge a colleague's accomplishments and express your gratitude to him later, especially if he had to stay late at work when you were at a concert or on vacation.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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