What Should One Eat Before Training

It is no secret that diet is an important factor for athletes or anyone who performs intense activities. Therefore, pre-workout meals are essential. Without them, an athlete’s performance would not be the same since the body consumes essential nutrients when exercising. If it does not have something to replace them with, body problems will not take long to appear, such as injuries.

We will give you a list of foods, so you know what to eat before training, as they are the ones that work best to keep you energized and give the body what it needs to recover. We will also give you a special diet to lose weight and other foods that you must eat after exercising to recover some of the lost nutrients so that the body continues to work properly, without fear of gaining weight.


Pre-workout Meals

Many athletes mistake skipping pre-workout meals, and others eat the first thing they feel like eating. These behaviors lead to problems such as loss of energy in the middle of a training session and even injuries due to lack of nutrients that help improve the muscles’ performance.

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We will show you which are the best pre-workout meals so that your results in the gym or sport, in general, improve progressively.

What to eat before training - What to eat after training to lose weight
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Green Banana

Made up of up to 75% starch, the green banana is an ideal pre-workout food. This is due to its properties. Starch is a glucose polysaccharide that generates energy through the blood. It is vital to eat it half an hour before so that, when you start exercising, its components are already active.

The main objective of consuming this food and its great contributions in potassium that maintain muscle and neuronal function is to avoid sudden energy drops while performing routines.

Eat oatmeal before training.

Oats are considered by many to be the main pre-workout food. The reason is the high percentage of fiber it has, which translates into a constant supply of carbohydrates for the body. It is also a meal rich in vitamin B, which improves the absorption of carbohydrates and provides more energy for sports. It is important to eat it at least half an hour before training.

Coffee in pre-training

Scientific studies show that coffee, specifically the caffeine it contains, improves athletic performance when consumed as a pre-workout drink. Caffeine activates the senses making the person more alert during physical activities. However, you must be careful not to overdo it.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains a perfect blend of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. This means that, while training, the body constantly produces energy thanks to the absorption of the mentioned compounds. The protein in peanut butter helps repair muscles exhausted by exercise, just a couple of spoons half an hour before starting training, and you will surely improve your performance. Of course, it is not recommended if you are looking to lose weight.

Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans are a rich source of antioxidants that help reduce anxiety and relax muscles while increasing our brain activity. Basically, cocoa beans, in their natural or powdered form, help reduce insulin resistance if ingested.

For its part, cocoa contains high flavonoids that improve physical performance because they reduce fatigue and prolong energy. It is also rich in caffeine and theobromine, which ignites the nervous system, which improves sports performance.

Maca root

Maca root is widely used as an ingredient in sports supplements. In its natural form, when consuming its extract in powder or tablets, it helps reduce muscle fatigue, and this allows a better performance during training. Its antioxidant properties have many flavonoids and anthocyanins that accelerate the recovery of nutrients after physical effort. However, it is convenient to control its consumption because, in excess, it increases the levels of estrogens.


It has been known since ancient times that ginger actually works to treat various conditions, and today it is also used as a pre-workout food. Its rich fiber and vitamins such as B3 and B6 provide those who consume a high dose of natural energy. It also has other nutrients such as iron, zinc, potassium and folic acid, flavonoids, gingerols, and essential oils. All these properties contribute directly to reducing the feeling of fatigue during the training session.

What to eat before training - Pre-workout meals
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Diet to Lose Weight

There are a lot of diets to lose weight, to find one that really works, it must be composed of changes in eating habits, about 30 minutes of exercise a day, and meals with foods that help you lose those extra kilos, worse it is always convenient that is adapted to your body, so it is best to have it done by an endocrinologist or other specialist. Here is a diet to lose weight.


We will start breakfast with a coffee cup, and if you want to add skim milk, there would be no problem. Accompanying the drink, we will take a slice of bread with an egg omelet. Subsequently, you should eat a serving of fruit such as banana or plantain.


For lunch, plain yogurt is enough, accompanied by a tomato-filled sandwich with a slice of ham and, in the end, a small handful of walnuts, a maximum of 100 grams. After the second meal of the day, it is ideal for keeping the body energized, especially if you are constantly active. Therefore, we recommend eating small amounts of nuts before training to keep carbohydrates and fiber at maximum.

Dinner to Lose Weight

Dinner is a special meal and should be accompanied by a glass of red wine to improve digestion. Now, as the main course, we will eat a bowl of vegetable soup, a grilled fish fillet dressed with garlic and parsley, and a slice of Iberian ham. If you want a final snack, dark chocolate, the higher the cocoa percentage, the better. It is an excellent ally because it contributes to weight loss, and it is delicious.

If you are an athlete and are looking to lose weight, this diet is ideal for you. Always remember meals, such as nuts, before training to improve performance in your physical activities. On the other hand, keep in mind that you should also consume certain types of food after training to lose weight and recover those necessary nutrients that were lost during physical activity.

What to Eat After Training to Lose Weight

Did you know that it is vital for our body to consume foods that help recover those lost after training? Did you know that there are post-workout foods that help you lose weight and at the same time provide the properties we need to stay healthy and strong? Here is what to eat after training to lose weight.


Vegetables are one of the most important foods for any human being. When it comes to losing weight and recovering those nutrients burned in training, legumes’ inadequate doses are the ideal food. Apart from these, some such as celery, have very low percentages of calories, but they make up for their high fiber content. Another option to eat vegetables after physical activity is tomatoes with cooked eggs, providing a combination of carbohydrates and balanced proteins.

Other vegetables such as carrots, peas, and asparagus will help you recover what you have eliminated in training without making you gain weight. So you know, to eat vegetables after the gym.

Ripe Banana

Ripe banana can be up to 85% sucrose. This is structured by glucose and fructose molecules. Basically, its action causes it to be absorbed faster by the bloodstream by activating insulin, which recharges the glycogen lost in physical effort. The banana is ideal for after any sport because it is composed mostly of glycemic, making the muscles strengthen faster.

Nonfat Yogurt

Without fat, Skimmed yogurt is the best option to ingest protein after exercising to lose weight. This food is ideal for athletes looking to lose weight since it is a food that is digested slower, gradually providing hydrates and probiotics.


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This thermogenic food is deficient in calories, but it provides large amounts of natural fiber that directly helps with weight loss. This citrus fruit is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamin C, folic acid, flavonoids, malic, oxalic, tartaric acid, minerals, and carotenoids. Each of these properties acts directly in the body, replenishing everything lost in training. Also, its components are useful in eliminating adipose tissues.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the spices ingested par excellence for weight loss. Its high levels of caffeine increase metabolism as well as energy. This is easily checked if you look at the compounds in prepared supplements. In most of them, you will find a high percentage of green tea extract.

This food, which is mostly consumed by infusion, is rich in antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate. This property is a strong ally to burn fat attached to the abdominal area.

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