Nutritious Smoothies for Weight Gain-Effective Recipes

When talking about weight, the most common thing is to explain how to lose weight, but many people, although it may seem strange to some, have the problem of wanting to gain it and, many times, they cannot achieve it easily. Also, some seek to gain weight to increase muscle mass for sports and not only for health.

Food and physical exercise to gain muscle mass are the perfect combinations to achieve this goal. We are going to focus on food. We will propose a series of nutritious foods and shakes to gain weight with which you will be pleasantly surprised on the scale and see that you are gaining kilos.


Types of Shakes to Gain Weight

Within the nutritious shakes to gain weight, we can find several types to choose the one you like the most according to the flavor they have and the ingredients used in their preparation.

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  • Protein shakes are those that, as their name suggests, are prepared with protein, providing an extra dose to the body. Usually, this type of shake is used to lose weight, but they are also helpful when you want to gain it. You should not forget that proteins are essential to developing more muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. It is common in these shakes to find ingredients such as milk, almonds, fruits, yogurt, and some lean protein.
  • Carb shakes will also help you gain weight. Obviously, this type of shake provides a greater part of carbohydrates, which usually have much more calories. In its composition, banana, sugar, and milk abound, among other ingredients.
  • Savory shakes are great if you don’t like the sweet taste. This drink is based on not adding sugar to the body, but products with more salts, since normally its base is vegetable broths to which you can add grated cheeses, cereals, or olive oil.
  • Sweet smoothies are the opposite of salty ones. They are designed for those people who like this type of flavors a lot. If you are one of them, you are going to enjoy it in a big way. The advantage is that they have many calories due to the high doses of added sugar that lead to what must be added foods that already contain it, as is the case with cookies.
Nutritious smoothies to gain weight - effective recipes - Types of smoothies to gain weight
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Key Foods in Shakes to Gain Weight

You can actually prepare a shake at home with the foods you want and that you like the most. However, there are some that you should keep in mind because they are foods that will help you gain weight faster.

  • Nuts are very healthy, but they are also excellent for gaining weight, especially if you eat large amounts. The best is peanuts, even in butter, walnuts, and cashews to achieve this goal. These really are beneficial if you exercise because they help increase muscle mass.
  • Cereals and seeds should not be missing in your smoothies either. You have good options in oats, which are very rich in carbohydrates, and in seeds such as chia, which are considered a superfood.
  • Dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, have a high protein intake. These products can be used to make the shake’s base, to which you can then add the rest of the ingredients that you prefer. For best results, avoid skimmed and semi-skimmed ones and always choose whole milk ones.
  • Fruits often appear in diets to lose weight. But don’t be fooled; some are high in calories, like bananas. If you want a higher contribution, a good alternative is to take dehydrated fruit because they contain a higher concentration of sugars.

Nutritious Smoothie Recipes for Weight Gain

The shakes to gain weight can have many ingredients. To gain kilos, we will propose three recipes with which you will add at least 800 calories, but healthily. The elaboration is simple in all. You have to mix the ingredients:

Banana smoothie to gain weight

The classic banana smoothie can be transformed to have a higher caloric intake if you prepare it with coconut milk, add Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, and a raw but whole egg, with both parts.

Banana and cookie smoothie

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The banana is again the base of this smoothie, which has more calories than the previous one because two bananas, a glass of milk, a yogurt, cereals, and cookies, are added. If you really like the sweet taste, this is your chance: add the amount you want.

Banana and avocado smoothie for weight gain

You will gain more weight if you have a smoothie with two bananas, whole milk, yogurt, avocado, and three eggs. If you still want a stronger drink, keep adding eggs and avocado.

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