How to Make Energy Drinks

Designed for athletes, energy drinks have expanded beyond this universe, and practically everyone drinks them. It is enough to go down to the supermarket to realize the great offer that we find, from the white-label of the supermarket to those of multinationals known throughout the world.

But we can also prepare them at home, so in this article, we are going to break down the steps on how to make homemade energy drinks. There are as many recipes as you can imagine.

Step One

Our first suggestion is hot, a ginseng or ginkgo Biloba energy drink. Ginseng is a root used for centuries, especially in the East, and it has many beneficial properties, one of the most outstanding being its ability to increase energy. The same occurs with ginkgo Biloba, which among its various benefits helps us obtain greater energy and promote concentration.

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To prepare this homemade energy drink, take a small pot and add half a liter of hot water and four bags of ginseng or ginko tea. It is also worth using herbs. In that case, it should be 4 tablespoons. Then add two teaspoons of sugar, honey, molasses, or any other sweetener and two tea bags of your preference.

Get it boiling, and when it's done, filter it and leave it in a container where you will have to add half a cup of lemon juice. You will see how you have the energy for the whole day!

How To Make Energy Drinks - Step 1
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Step Two

Another ideal proposal for cold days is the one that includes pear, celery, cabbage, and ginger. They are four foods rich in vitamins, sugars, and nutrients that will help you significantly increase energy. To make this, mix these ingredients in equal parts in the blender, and you will get a very energetic drink. You can drink it instantly or let it cool a bit in the fridge to make it more refreshing.

How To Make Energy Drinks - Step 2
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Step Three

To kick off your day with your batteries fully charged, we suggest an almond and banana energy drink . The fiber and beneficial fat content of the almond will help you feel full, while the potassium of the banana will promote the health of your muscles, and its amount of sugar will give you energy.

Put 30 grams of peeled almonds, a banana, a natural yogurt, a glass of almond milk, two green cabbage leaves, and a few flax seeds in the blender. Mix everything well, and you will have a healthy and energetic breakfast that you can accompany with a toast of whole wheat bread.

How To Make Energy Drinks - Step 3
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Step Three

Would you rather start the day with something sweet? So you can make an energy drink with strawberries . Add to the blender half a cup of strawberries, two tablespoons of honey, three of skimmed milk powder, a peach in pieces, it does not matter natural or in syrup, and half a squeezed lemon. Mix well until you get a smoothie.

You can make it right before bedtime and let it cool overnight in the fridge, and if you choose to make it in the morning, you can add two cubes or a little crushed ice before passing it through the blender.

How To Make Energy Drinks - Step 4
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Step Five

Honey and lemon drinks are always among the best remedies for any health problem, but did you know that we can also use them as energy drinks ? Lemon is an ingredient that activates our body and immune system, while the natural sweetness of honey gives us a good dose of energy.

To make this option, mix in 250 milliliters of water, 1/4 cup of honey, and 1/3 cup of lemon juice. Add a little salt and baking soda and stir well. When you have the mixture, store it in a covered bottle and leave it in the fridge until it cools.

How To Make Energy Drinks - Step 5
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Step Six

And we finish with our proposals for homemade energy drinks with a chocolate one, an option that will surely please more than one.

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To prepare it, add a banana that is somewhat ripe, a glass of milk, two small tablespoons of sugar, and another two of bitter or semi-bitter cocoa to the blender, according to your tastes, when it is well blended you can drink it. It is a recommended energy drink before practicing sports or facing a physically or mentally demanding activity, such as an exam or a study session.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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