Tips to Make a Delicious Unleavened Bread at Home

The kitchen has become a place to express the culinary creativity that we carry inside. Homemade cakes, cakes, and bread are some of the recipes that are most made at home, and they all need yeast. But if you don't have this ingredient, there is no reason to worry. There is a good tip that can help you make delicious bread. Or any other preparation that requires a leavening process.

Replacing this ingredient can also be the solution for those who cannot consume it due to allergies or health problems. And although it is one of the essential products for making bread and some sweets, you can add others that also add volume to the mixture.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Not using yeast for bread or cakes is a less spongy cake with a rustic texture. The best alternative is to replace this ingredient with bicarbonate and vinegar to achieve good quality preparation—an option widely used by vegans to prepare their recipes.

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Baking highlights baking soda as one of the most potent self-rising powders, just as much as baking powder. It is incorporated into the mixture to generate more air in it and achieve a greater volume.

The vinegar (acid), when joining with the sodium bicarbonate (alkaline), produces a chemical reaction that favors internal bubbles. In this way, a fluffier and softer result is achieved. For this, you need to add a tablespoon to the mixture and then a tablespoon of white vinegar or apple cider. If you do not have vinegar in the dispenser, you can add lemon.

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Other Options That Work Too

Egg white to the point of snow: combine the egg whites with sugar until it looks like snow; you can substitute the yeast. The secret is to beat the whites separately from the rest of the preparation, adding the sugar little by little. Then combine it with the rest of the mix. The technique will help to achieve a light effect and with a finer texture, maintaining the rich flavor of always.

Baking powder: if there is no fresh yeast left, but baking powder is available, it can be replaced by the latter without problems. Only 5 grams of this chemical ingredient needs to be included in the recipe for every 15 pressed.

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Yogurt and baking soda: in many desserts and bread preparations, these ingredients can supplant yeast.

Beer: it can be used as a substitute since it also has a high degree of acidity. Used in flours, it can generate an effect very similar to that of fresh yeast. And as a less common product, the siphon has been incorporated into some recipes.

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