Tips on How to Change Your Diet And Save The Planet

Eating habits not only impact our health, but they also affect the planet. All the decisions that each individual makes, leave a mark on the environment. Thus, reflecting on personal choices when it comes to eating, getting informed and training about it, is an investment in one's own well-being, but also that of the planet and that of future generations.

The 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report, commissioned by the United Nations, identified the creation of sustainable food systems and healthy nutrition patterns as a key starting point for sustainable transformation.

This transformation can start at home with some changes in diet and habits like avoiding food waste or starting a garden. It is often thought that changing your diet is difficult, and many times that is reason enough not to. However, the well-being you get is worth the effort.

Eating healthy

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These courses invite you to walk the path towards these changes. You can find them in the Bio guide Courses section, in the "Food" category. All have an exclusive benefit and are online, suitable for these times of pandemic.

Introduction to the World of Living Food

Many constantly wonder why they feel so low in energy, and they go through all aspects of their life without looking at what is on their plate. The reality is that what we eat can add or take away vitality. The best part is that making a change in your diet and choosing healthier options doesn't have to be boring, monotonous, or difficult.

Javier Medvedovsky, a professional cook for 20 years at his Spiritual Chefonline school, helps people who want to live a conscious, lively, and truly tasty diet. To do this, he leads them to discover the fun in the kitchen, while creating tasty, nutritious, gluten-free, refined, or dairy dishes. All this, with 100% ingredients and without spending a lifetime in the kitchen.

In this course, he provides the necessary knowledge to make a complete menu and enter the world of live food.

Vegan Sushi Online Course

Replacing the animal-based ingredients of the classic Japanese dish is possible, and the result is magnificent. From this course, they share the step by step of their recipes so that those on the other side can empower their diet from their own kitchen and enjoy a version of sushi free of animal products.

With creativity and a desire to innovate to make an impact, has found incredible flavors. In this course, they share their secrets for making "Filadelfia" cheese, preparing "su", vegan geisha, and, of course, rolling techniques.

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Plant-Based Food - Juan Bautista Lagache

Eating a plant-based diet is possible, and in this course, nutritionist Juan Bautista Lagache provides the information and advice needed to put it into practice and adopt it as a lifestyle.

Some of the course topics are the relationship between illness and diet, the benefits of superfoods, and the difference between processed and real foods. Additionally, Lagache provides examples of nutritionally complete plant-based dishes, questions the idea that this diet is more expensive than others, and shares his menu ideas.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Bioguia