Simple Tips To Stop Abusing Food And Alcohol

To control our diet, you don't have to give up delicious food and pleasant drinks. You can eat and drink as much as you actually need if you just ask yourself a few basic questions.

Don't be shy; we all did that. We overeat and then regretted it terribly. We promised ourselves not to do that again, but we didn’t keep that promise. Only a small piece of chocolate cake, only a small piece and half of the cake was gone. And then - a feeling of guilt and regret. Snacks at night? But what about without them. Another glass of wine, and in the morning - Bloody Mary. Then, to not swell like a bubble, we go on a diet or punish ourselves with additional exercises.

It is very unpleasant to feel that you cannot control your desires. Especially when you started eating healthy, but one breakdown undermined all your achievements. But there is a way out of this never-ending circle of excesses and self-restraint. You need to change the angle of perception of consumed food. Perhaps this formulation sounds too vague and unattainable, but in fact, it implies concrete steps. Follow these two simple strategies.

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1. Eat food for which the body will thank you

Choose food that will make you feel equally good at the time of eating and a few hours afterward. And it has nothing to do with self-indulgence. Healthy food that nourishes your body with nutrients can (and should) taste good. And food that doesn't benefit your body can be relatively harmless. This means it won't make your stomach burn or lead to joint pain. Before consuming a particular food (or drink), ask yourself the following questions.

  • Will it benefit my body? If so, feel free to start eating.
  • If not, will I regret it when I eat it? If your answer is no, go ahead and enjoy!
  • Even if this food doesn't do me any good, is it worth trying? If not, skip this food.

The idea is clear. The point is to control yourself and press the stop button in time before falling into the endless rabbit hole of overeating (or drinking). Using this strategy, you will choose your food wisely while not limiting yourself too much, instead of mindlessly absorbing everything that catches your eye.

Simple Tips To Stop Abusing Food And Alcohol
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2. Use the first bite rule

The very first sip of excellent wine, taken in a summer courtyard in good company, leaves you no choice but to sigh with delight. It’s the very first piece of brownie that makes you sound a satisfied “mmm.” Food is meant to be enjoyed. But shouldn't we savor each bite just like the first? However, to do this, it's important to monitor how you feel after each fresh mouthful (or sip).

  • After a few bites, does the dish still feel so delicious to me?
  • Am I really enjoying it, or is it just because I started?

The answers to these questions require a conscious attitude to the process of eating. If you strive to stop overeating without particularly limiting yourself, this awareness is your ultimate goal.

By taking a break to make sure you continue to enjoy your meal, you can stop yourself in time and never eat more than you really want. You'll soon come to understand that you don't have to finish the bottle or leave your plate without a single crumb. The most natural and efficient way to prevent remorse after overeating is to ask yourself these questions.

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To follow these principles, you do not need to be seven inches in the forehead but mastering them requires constant practice. In the end, our goal is to live a vibrant and fulfilling life in which there is no room for overuse of food and drink and subsequent self-flagellation. Are you still overeating or suffering from a hangover? Enough tolerating this. Just a few questions to ask yourself, and you are free from bitter regrets.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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