Life Hack: How To Make Colorful Pancakes

Do you want to make colorful pancakes for yourself and the kids? The host of the TV channel "Ukraine," Serhiy Livadny, showed how to color the dough with natural colors safe for your health. So if you want to repeat the recipe - do not be afraid; you will definitely succeed.

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Life Hack: How To Make Colorful Pancakes
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First, prepare dough for thin pancakes with milk. Then set it aside and tackle the flowers. Make green with spinach, pink with beets, orange with turmeric, red with ground paprika, and black with currant jam.

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Blend the spinach in a blender and add the green juice to the dough. Beets will need to be grated. Adjust the amount of dye to your liking to achieve the desired shade. Then fry the pancakes in a frying pan preheated with vegetable oil. Serve with any savory or sweet toppings.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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