How To Choose Quality Chicken Eggs

Pancakes and dumplings are traditional Shrovetide dishes, one of the main ingredients. But eating poor-quality eggs will not only spoil the taste of holiday dishes but can also be dangerous to your health because their shells are a source of infections, including salmonella.

To figure out which eggs are worth buying and which are not, take note of our tips.

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How to choose fresh chicken eggs

  • Do not buy eggs that are more than 25 days old.
  • There is no difference between packaged eggs and those that you yourself put in a bag.
  • The numbers and letters on the markings are marks of the egg size and weight. It is the weight that affects the price. Selected eggs weigh from 73g, the highest category - from 63 to 72g, the first - from 53 to 62g, the second - from 43 to 52, and small - from 35 to 44g.
  • It is safe to buy eggs with clean shells - no feathers or droppings. This will help reduce the risk of salmonellosis and intestinal infections.
  • How fresh chicken eggs are, you can check if you look at the light. Those that are stored for a long time have a movable air chamber. Fresh ones have a stable, inactive chamber.
  • You can also check the egg if you put it in water. If it sank to the bottom, it means it's fresh.
  • Then break the egg. If the yolk does not flow, this is a good sign.

Do I need to wash chicken eggs?

How To Choose Quality Chicken Eggs
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It is imperative to wash contaminated chicken eggs before eating. A fresh egg should be odorless, the yolk is still, and the white is transparent. If the egg contains blood clots, it is best not to consume it. Look carefully at the marking - it should not be erased

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