Learn How to Punch a Hole in a Belt

Have you bought a belt, but it is not your size? Does the belt you had no longer fit as well as before? If you do not feel completely comfortable with your belt and you would like it to be looser, you can use different techniques to open holes in it.

In this article, we explain different methods for you to learn how to make a hole in a belt. Follow these instructions and make your belt always fit perfectly with these simple tricks.

How to Make a Hole in a Belt With a Hole Punch

If you want to punch a hole in a leather or leather belt like a true professional, we recommend getting a leather piercer. You will be able to make use of this tool to make a new hole in your belt, detailed and discreet, without losing the harmony of the existing holes.

You can find this tool for a low price both in craft or craft stores and for sale online. Before buying the piercer, we recommend that you compare the size of the piercer with that of the existing belt holes so that they are all the same size. If you buy the perforator in a physical store, you can check that the tip of the device enters and fits into the holes. You can also get a rotary punch with an accessory wheel in different sizes, a perfect option to be able to make any hole of any size in each of your belts.

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In case you start making a belt from scratch and need to make all the holes, we recommend making the holes at a distance of 1.25 centimeters for belts that are 1 centimeter wide and up to 2.85 centimeters apart for those belts. that exceed 2.5 centimeters in width. Once you have the piercer, follow these steps:

How to make a hole in a belt - How to make a hole in a belt with a perforator
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  1. With a permanent marker, mark where the hole should be made. We recommend using a ruler or tape measure so that the distance of the new hole is the same as the existing holes. It is worth making a point carefully directly on the selected location.
  2. Using the hole marking, adjust the belt to the piercer so that the point is just below the tip.
  3. For the best result, make sure the belt is tight before making the hole.
  4. In this position, press hard by bringing the piercer arms together firmly to make the hole. Belt leather is usually tough so you may need to apply quite a bit of pressure.
  5. When you notice that the piercer has gone through the belt, you will have the hole perfectly made. In case there is a piece of leather left inside the hole preventing the entry of the buckle, use small scissors or a toothpick to remove it.

Use a Drill to Make a Hole in a Belt

Although the previous method will help you to make a hole in the belt in a professional way, there is also a quick method that will help you get out of trouble in pressing situations or in case you do not have this professional tool and do not want to or cannot buy it. So how do you make a hole in a leather or fabric belt without a hole punch? In this case, we invite you to use an electric drill, always with great care. To make a quick hole in a belt with a drill, follow these instructions:

  1. Mark the spot of the hole first. Remember to help yourself with a tape measure or a ruler to measure the distance between the existing holes and to be able to maintain harmony between all the holes. Another good trick is to mark the point where the belt fits you comfortably, so you know the exact point where you want it to join the buckle, whether it is at the same distance from the other holes or not. , the point is that you will have the comfort you are looking for.
  2. Once the position of the new hole is marked, spread the belt out on a flat, hard surface, and use heavy objects at its ends to make it fully stretched and taut.
  3. Use a pointed drill bit that fits the other holes in the belt so that they are the same size.
  4. Drill with small bursts when you start to make the hole at the selected point and make sure that the drill will be able to go through the object on which you have supported the belt.
  5. Once the hole is made, make sure that there is no piece of leather that obstructs the entrance of the buckle with a toothpick or other similar object.
How to make a hole in a belt - Other tools to make a hole in a belt
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Other Tools for Making a Hole in a Belt

In case you don't have a drill, don't worry, you can make the hole using a tool or pointed objects, such as an awl or a screwdriver, as well as sharp scissors if the belt is made of fabric, these tools will work well to get out of trouble. Using the screwdriver or punch to make a hole in the belt is simple

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  1. Measure the point where you want to make the hole and place the belt taut and on a hard surface that can be pierced or damaged. We recommend putting a piece of hardwood underneath, only if it is something soft.
  2. Press the pointed tool at the point where the hole should be made.
  3. You can puncture it with the help of a mallet or hammer to get through the leather or belt material completely.

Although this method is not professional, the result will not be a neat hole and it takes a little longer than the drill or the hole puncher, but you will get a hole in the belt with a more artisan finish and less polished. For a smoother result, you can help yourself with a nail, which will always work on thinner belts and save you a little more time in creating the hole.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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