Kitchen Utensils: How To Protect Iron Ones From Rusting

Although not everyone knows this, even steel cutlery is subject to this phenomenon. Obviously, stainless steel is by its definition stainless, but the same cannot be said of its carbon variant, which can be altered.

Whatever material they are made of, our kitchen utensils need the right attention, protecting them from external attacks. First, moisture must be strictly banished from their surfaces when we wash them; therefore, dry the water quickly to prevent it from damaging them.

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The storage place must also be super dry for the same reason. Therefore, avoid leaving them near areas where steam is concentrated, for example, above the stove but instead place forks, knives, spoons in drawers far from humidity sources. For added safety, we can line the base with an absorbent cloth or tea towels.

Kitchen Utensils: How To Protect Iron Ones From Rusting
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Also, pay attention to how you use your cutlery and utensils sensitive to rust because even contact with acidic foods can damage them. Pay attention to the knives you use. If they don't have stainless blades, avoid using them to cut lemons or tomatoes.

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In the same way, do not use too aggressive soaps or abrasive sponges, but instead, use gel cleaning products and soft cloths that clean everything in a soft way, avoiding altering products' surfaces.

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