How To Remove Rust From Clothes

Among the most stubborn and feared stains to remove from clothes, there is certainly rust. Eliminating them effectively is often a headache for many people. Still, you must know that this is not a mission impossible; fortunately, there are several solutions and some specific products that you can rely on. In order to remove rust off clothing, here are some tips.

How to get rid of rust from clothes: tricks and useful products

One of the most suitable products for removing rust stains from fabrics is the “Mago Delle Macchie,” an effective stain remover against rust, which at the same time respects the fabrics. Among the natural remedies, there is a combination of salt and lemon juice, which you will have to apply on the stain and then leave it to act for several hours. After this time, do not rinse but let the dress dry in the sun.

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If the stain has disappeared, you can proceed with the normal washing; if not, repeat the operation, leaving the lemon juice and salt to act for longer. Keep in mind that you can use lime juice instead of lemon juice. Another effective solution is baking soda with water, to be mixed until a sort of paste is obtained to be applied gently on the fabric. You will need to let the mixture act until it is dry and then rinse gently. Baking soda can also be useful on its own; apply it to the stain and then rub it gently with a toothbrush.

How To Remove Rust From Clothes
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A less conventional remedy is instead represented by dishwashing detergents, such as Dixon Piatti Gel Sensitive, which has proved very effective in treating rust stains both on clothes and upholstery. Another solution coincides with fine salt in combination with vinegar; the procedure to be followed is the same as for the mixture of salt and lemon juice.

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Finally, you can rub the rust stain on the fabric with a little tin foil soaked in white wine vinegar. Rub gently, leave for a few hours, and let the dress (or fabric) air dry. Again, repeat the process if the stain persists and, once removed, proceed with normal washing.

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