Cleaning The Barbecue Glove: Here Is How

To clean a  barbecue glove requires a little patience, but it is done easily, and only one tool is needed to perform it. Read more to find out. Check the label, it should be present on the inside of the glove, but if you have taken it off or you can't read it, you can try looking at the glove sheet on the manufacturer's website.

In fact, the label will give you the first information you are interested in for cleaning the bbq glove, or if you can wash it in the washing machine or not. In principle, this is not allowed.

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So, moisten a soft microfibre cloth and wring it well; put on the glove and, with the other hand, pass and wipe the rag over the stains to remove them, if allowed by the label.

Cleaning The Barbecue Glove: Here Is How
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If the stains are very stubborn, at least put a little washing-up liquid on the cloth and continue rubbing, but proceed with great caution and check the glove often as the fibers could fray and in any case, use the detergent is compatible with your glove.

Then, rinse the cloth, wring it out again, and scrub the treated area with the cleaner.

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In general, pass the wrung and clean, soft microfiber cloth several times over the entire barbecue glove until it seems clean enough, but be careful not to overdo it with the number of passes and the pressure not to make small lacerations or tears in the fabric.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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