Is It Possible To Suppress A Child's Anger: Tips For Parents

Anger is one of the basic emotions that everyone experiences from time to time.Here, the most important thing is how people realize this feeling, suppress their anger, or express it. It is essential to understand this for parents whose children may also be angry. Is it possible to suppress it?

"An important influence on the way of expressing anger is exerted by upbringing and, accordingly, attitude towards it, in particular, it is due to our culture:" It's good never to get angry. "For children, this looks like a double message," Natalia writes on her Instagram page.

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Is It Possible To Suppress A Child's Anger: Tips For Parents

According to her, children feel a wave of anger emanating from adults either directly or indirectly, in the form of disapproval. And in parallel, parents create an opinion that direct expression of anger is unacceptable.

The psychologist explains that children learn to suppress this feeling at a very early age experiencing either shame as a result of the rage of their mothers or guilt for their own anger, a feeling of remorse that sometimes overwhelms them.

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"A child who grows up in a home where expressions of anger are not tolerated and not allowed learns not to express anger to win the favor of the parents. By blocking feelings and holding back energy, the child gradually becomes an energetic and emotional cripple," said Wilhelm Reich. Founder of body-oriented psychotherapy.

If children suppress anger, then in adulthood, emotional energy can manifest itself through protest, rebellion, sarcasm, or in any possible indirect form.

Also, anger often indicates an unresolved trauma, the expert notes. This can be effectively worked out with children through joint creative work at home with parents (draw your anger, mold your anger from plasticine - tell about it).

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