5 Main Components Of Emotional Intelligence

General intelligence IQ has been known to many for a long time. But now, more and more people began to talk about the importance of emotional intelligence EQ - about how a person shares his feelings and understands other people's emotions, reports Greatist.

Understanding and controlling your emotions are two key components of emotional intelligence. This quality is not owned by everyone, yet those who do have the ability to understand and influence others' emotions and behavior.

1. Self-awareness

This means that you can recognize and understand your emotions and be aware of how your mood, actions, and emotions affect other people.

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2. Self-regulation and self-government

A component of emotional intelligence is the capacity to control and manage your emotions, such as expressing your feelings only when appropriate. People capable of self-regulation usually do not make impulsive decisions - they think about their actions before doing something.

3. Motivation

Motivation plays a big role in emotional intelligence. It means being productive and motivated, with a passion for fulfilling your long-term needs and goals - even if you have to make short-term compromises. This also includes commitment and the ability to take the initiative.

5 Main Components Of Emotional Intelligence

4. Empathy and social awareness

If you have emotional intelligence, you are less likely to be self-centered. You are good at empathizing with others, and you are a good listener who understands others' needs and wants. Emotionally intelligent people are considered loyal, compassionate, and trustworthy.

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5. Social skills and social awareness

Emotional intelligence means you have good social skills and work well in a team. You are often considered a good leader, and you can also be a good active listener, have good communication skills, and lead a team and manage relationships.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle