How To Wash Smoke Yellowed Curtains To Make Them Shine Again

They protect our privacy and decorate the rooms in an elegant, fun, or original way. These are the curtains, an aesthetic and useful detail to make the house's windows more shielded and beautiful to see. But be careful because curtains, like all household linen, need periodic washing, especially if you constantly expose them to the sun, dust, and cigarette smoke.

Whether made of cotton, linen, or polyester, curtains yellowed by smoke or made gray can give the house an immediate sloppy and uncared for appearance. Nicotine can, in fact, stain the fabrics if you tend to smoke at home, and the curtains can thus become a receptacle for bad smells and unsightly halos.

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Thankfully, this has a remedy. To remove yellowed or gray curtains and make them shine and perfectly deodorized again, use the dear Marseille soap, a product known and appreciated even by our grandmothers for its degreasing and whitening power.

Leave the curtains to soak in hot water with Marseille soap flakes and 2 tablespoons of baking soda, eliminating the bad smell. Your linen must be kept in this solution for at least 2-3 hours before rinsing and washing with normal laundry detergent.

How To Wash Smoke Yellowed Curtains To Make Them Shine Again
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You can then also rely on commercially available detergents to shorten cleaning times. Choose active oxygen-based detergents, following the instructions for use shown on the packages, always considering your curtain's washing recommendations. Reading the labels is, in fact, very important to avoid damaging the fabrics.

In this regard, also pay attention to bleach, which helps to whiten. Still, it can ruin the most delicate yarns, colored fabrics, and, in general, all the linen that shows on the label the prohibition of using chemical bleaches.

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If your curtains are yellowed and have smoke stains, use a mix of glycerin, neutral and non-colored dish soap, hot water, and white vinegar. Create a batter that we will spread on the area to be treated with a clean towel, rubbing firmly to absorb the product.

Allow it to work for 10 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth and repeat the operation until the stain disappears. Finally, wash Your curtains as usual, by hand or in the washing machine, paying attention to the use of the centrifuge, which can damage them.

To keep your curtains fresh, while waiting for the next wash, perfume them now and then, vaporizing a solution based on distilled water, unflavored vodka, and lemon or mint essential oil, which also drives away the smell of smoke.

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