How To Wash Memory Foam Pillows Without Damaging Them

Memory foam pillows are a small revolution in recent years. They give much more effective support than those in other materials, thus improving neck health. Sleeping on this type of pillow also makes it more comfortable in sleep. It allows you to rest better and wake up without those annoying pains.

Today, the memory foam technology just used for pillows and hi-comfort mattresses was invented and developed by NASA researchers already in the 60. The research was born from the desire and the need to provide astronauts with a better postural alignment during their space travel.

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However, the positive sides of this special material collide with a question that we all ask ourselves a little, namely how to wash memory foam pillows without ruining their structure. The question is fundamental, as a wrong or too aggressive cleaning can lead to a prolapse of the internal fibers, compromising their effectiveness.

How To Wash Memory Foam Pillows Without Damaging Them
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A fundamental thing to know is that compared to normal pillows with wool, feather, or polyester filling, those in memory foam need less washing, as they are usually already treated to resist any bacterial proliferation and dust mites. However, this does not mean forgetting about cleanliness, but basically reducing it to the essential.

To wash the memory foam pillows, remove the cover, which must be washed following the label's instructions. Hand washing at low temperatures is usually recommended, but each pillow is different from the other, and it is good to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

On the other hand, the internal structure can be deodorized and sanitized straightforwardly, placing the pillow on a linen cloth, making sure that the structure is not damp, and covering it with simple sodium bicarbonate. Let it act for about an hour, then vacuum well with the vacuum cleaner equipped with the right spout.

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If the pillow has stains, create a solution with water and mild soap, dip a sponge cloth inside, squeeze well and then rub gently to remove the stain. After this process, pass a cloth dampened with water only to eliminate all traces of detergent. Allow the memory foam to air dry, but avoid leaving it near heat sources or in the sun to prevent it from being damaged.

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