How to Wash Flannel Sheets

The flannel sheets are a great alternative to heating at night because its tissue type, which is used cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers, endow the feel of a large softness and warmth, making these sheets your winter favorites.

They are winter sheets that require special care due to the mixture of their fibers. A correct washing and subsequent drying will make them last longer, and we can enjoy them for many more years. We will tell you how to wash flannel sheets so that they do not deform, lose their original quality, or appear little balls.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Put your flannel sheets in the washing machine inside out to protect their fibers, thus preventing lint from shedding in the first few washes. Do a first wash of your new sheets at a low temperature, with a short program, and avoiding an intense spin.

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For these, the ideal temperature to wash flannel sheets is 60 degrees if the sheets are white, 40 degrees if they are colored, and 30 degrees if the fabric is very delicate, but always short programs and a spin soft.

How to wash flannel sheets - Step 1
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Step Two

If your flannel sheets have embroidery or ruffles, you should pay more attention to how you wash them since they could be damaged. It is better to buy a net to introduce them inside and, later, put them in the washing machine. In this way, you will ensure that the embroideries are not damaged, and they remain as new.

Step Three

It is always recommended to wash the sheets alone in the washing machine, without mixing them with other garments so that they are loose and can be washed more easily and safely. In fact, since it requires a special wash due to its temperature and detergents' use, it is not advisable to mix them, since they are not washed in the same way as the rest of the garments that we have at home.

Lint may remain in the washing machine after washing your flannel sheets. If you are going to put another washing machine, be careful with the clothes you put in next so that they do not come out with the remains of the flannel sheets. It's best to do a washing machine rinse first before putting any other items of clothing in.

How to wash flannel sheets - Step 3
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Step Four

Do not use fabric softener when running a washing machine with your flannel sheets alone, as this product produces the loosening of fiber balls, filling your sheets with balls and making them look older. Use only detergent for delicates.

How to wash flannel sheets - Step 4
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Step Five

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When you remove them from the washing machine, as you have not spun them much, do not twist them to remove the excess moisture because you could deform them. What you have to do is hang them right awayIf you tumble dry them, do it in a low, almost cold setting. When removing them, stretch out the wrinkles with your hands and fold them for storage.

Step Six

One trick to make your flannel sheets last longer when you wash them is to pour a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine and then put the sheets in. Vinegar sets the color and prevents your sheets from fading after washes.

Another option instead of pouring the vinegar directly into the washing machine is to soak the sheets overnight with a little vinegar and wash them the next day with detergent for delicates.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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