Having Hard Time Washing Your Baby Clothes? Read This

We all know that a baby's skin is much softer, more delicate, and sensitive than an adult. That is why a baby's clothes, especially in the first months, require specific care and a certain way of washing.

Thus, it will be easier to protect the baby's skin at all times and avoid allergic reactions caused by contact with their clothes. Check out the tips we give you in this article on how to wash baby clothes.

Steps to follow:

Step One

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When we talk about washing baby clothes, we should limit ourselves to t-shirts, pants, bodysuits, pajamas, and other clothing and take special care with their sheets, blankets, bibs, gauze, etc. In short, with everything that is in direct contact with the child's skin. Take into account that all your baby's new clothes must be washed before being released.

Step Two

You may wash baby clothes both by hand and by machine, but it is advisable to use a special soap for delicate garments in both cases. Ideally, it is neutral and hypoallergenic, specific for babies. Likewise, avoid the use of fabric softeners and other additive products that we sometimes use to wash clothes, such as stain removers and bleach, as they contain chemical substances that are harmful and harmful to the baby's skin.

Step Three

It is also convenient to do an independent wash of your baby's clothes, especially during the first six months. Separate your clothes from those of the rest of the family and if you have not gathered enough laundry to do a machine wash, use the reduced load program option.

Washing baby clothes
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Step Four

Some garments require a more delicate washing method, such as wool clothing or garments with lace and lace. We suggest hand washing them or in the washing machine with a program for delicate clothes or concrete for wool, and with always warm water. This will prevent them from spoiling before their time.

Step Five

When you do a hand wash, be careful with rinsing, and make sure that there are no soap traces on the clothes. In the same way, in the washing machine, you can choose a double rinse program to ensure that the clothes do not contain detergent traces.

On numerous occasions, baby clothes contain difficult to remove stains that must be treated before washing. Ideally, immediately soak the garment with soap and water to prevent the stain from drying out and the dirt from being completely removed.

Step Seven

With all these tips, your baby's clothes will always remain impeccable, and you can take advantage of them for longer. Likewise, check the garments' label to know what type of washing, spinning, and the most suitable products for each of them.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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