Avoid Fogging Your Bathroom Mirror With These Easy Tips

We love to shower or bathe with boiling water. The problem is that after taking a good shower, we want to see ourselves in the mirror to comb our hair, but we can't.

The problem is that the steam from the hot water has been responsible for fogging the mirror, and even if you dry it several times, you cannot see yourself in it. This article will tell you a home trick on how to prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up even when you go out for a good shower with boiling water.

You will need:
Steps to follow:

Step One

The first step is to pass a sheet of newspaper to remove impurities and dirt before applying the home remedy that we tell you next. This will remove grease and stains that may be on the mirror.

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Step Two

When you have the mirror very clean, you can prepare the homemade trick. First, you have to put alcohol up to the middle of a small container.

How to avoid fogging your bathroom mirror
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Step Three

The next step is to crush a stick of chalk, and when you have it well crushed, you have to add it to the small container in which you have previously put alcohol.

Step Four

With your hand or with a stick's help, you have to mix the preparation until you get a thick and consistent cream.

Step Five

Next, you have to put a little of the mixture obtained on a clean cloth and gently rub the mirror. In this way, you will squeeze the cream through the mirror in your bathroom. You have to let it act for half an hour.

Step Six

After half an hour, the cream will be dehydrated, and you can remove it from the mirror. You have to stir the mixture with a clean cloth, without leaving any trace of the mixture on the mirror.

Step Seven

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To finish, you have to shine in the mirror. You will achieve this if you wipe it with a clean and soft cloth over the entire surface.

Step Eight

You will see that from now on when you get out of taking a shower, the steam from the mirror will go away in seconds, and you will be able to see yourself quickly in the mirror without having to wait a minute.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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