Quick Tips on How to Clean Your Windows

When it comes to cleaning the windows, we can choose between many different options to achieve a good result and that the glass is shiny.

Despite seeming like one of the most tedious tasks in the home, the truth is that it will not be complicated if we know what products to use and the best way to do it. In this article, we offer you tips on how to clean windows.

You will need.
Steps to follow:

Step One

First of all, it should be noted that if it is a question of cleaning window glass, it will be necessary to previously remove dirt from frames, blinds, and other elements to avoid dirtying the glass later.

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Step Two

As for the product to use to clean mirrors and windows and make them look impeccable, we offer you various ideas:

  • Ammonia and water, in equal parts
  • White vinegar dissolved in water (one part of this vinegar for four of water)
  • Specific window cleaning products

Step Three

Also, we will need a lint-free cloth to avoid marks or scratches. On the other hand, we can choose specific glass cleaning utensils, as is the case with rackets (see image).

How to clean windows - Step 3
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Step Four

It will also be instrumental in using two buckets to clean the glass: cleaning and the other for rinsing. We must change the water frequently, especially the second, to achieve good results.

Step Five

To dry the crystals, it is recommended to use a clean newspaper or soft cloth. Dirty glasses should never be rubbed with a dry cloth, as the glass will be scratched by dirt.

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More Tips

  • Use soft cloths or rags to avoid scratching the glass.
  • Check the weather forecast before cleaning your window panes to avoid instant rain and dirt.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo