How to Use Lemon to Repel Mosquitos

If where we live, or where we are going to travel, is hot and humid, be prepared that mosquitoes, like other insects, live in such conditions. That is why their population increases and we begin to suffer their annoying bites. These insects bite to feed on the blood of other animals, and for some species, humans are a good source of food.
For this reason, it is prevalent to find different ways to repel these annoying insects and avoid the itching and discomfort that their bites generate. Apart from objects such as candles, bracelets, and commercial repellent products, there are many cheap and home remedies to get it.

Does Lemon Repel Mosquitoes?

There are many products such as incenses, candles, and diffusers or sprays that contain lemon and other citrus fruits to drive away these insects. Still, the truth is that, according to some studies, the citric acid in lemon only affects some species of mosquitoes already; others don't. Therefore, some of these insects are not scared away with this remedy. On the other hand, some plants have a smell similar to that of lemon, and this word is included in their name, which does have more powerful effect of repelling mosquitoes of many more species.

Let's explain some tricks and home remedies to repel mosquitoes with lemon and with these other plants that we discussed. Take note and put these effective remedies into practice and say goodbye to bites.

How to repel mosquitoes with lemon - forget about bites - Does lemon repel mosquitoes?
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Homemade Mosquito Repellent with Lemon

It is a commonplace that these small insects appear in areas such as rivers, swamps, fields, gardens, and terraces or that, especially when the sun goes down, they enter the house. Also, in this case, it is very annoying, and that can prevent us from resting well and, therefore, many people wonder how to drive away mosquitoes at night.

The truth is that the following homemade natural repellent for mosquitoes with lemon is efficient since when applied with a spray or spray, you can take it on an excursion or trip or use it at home at any time you want.


  • 2 lemons
  • Lemon essential oil (optional)
  • 1/2 liter of water
  • Sprayer or spray (more than 1/2 liter capacity)

Preparation and Application

  1. Extract the juice from the fruits and pour it into the bottle.
  2. Add the water to the bottle and mix well.
  3. Add about 20 drops of lemon oil if you want to enhance its effect and mix well again.
  4. Every time you are going to use it, it is recommended that you shake the bottle so that the components mix well again after having been at rest.
  5. You can spray it around the rooms of your house, on the floor of the terrace or garden, or directly on your skin as many times a day as you need it.

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You will see how with this particular lemon juice for mosquitoes, your home smells fresh, while the unwanted insects stop hovering around you and biting you. Also, you should bear in mind that if you apply this repellent on your skin, do not expose yourself to the sun directly for a while, since the lemon will lighten your skin and may leave stains.

Another possibility is that you apply a few drops of lemon oil for mosquitoes. It is merely the essential oil of this citrus fruit, right in the areas where you tend to sting the most, such as the neck, arms, or legs.

The following trick is also perfect for placing near your bed at night; watch out!

How to repel mosquitoes with lemon - forget about the bites - Homemade mosquito repellent with lemon
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Repel Mosquitoes with Lemon and Cloves

Another way to use lemon to repel mosquitoes, which can be utilized in any area of the house, is to combine this citrus fruit with a well-known aromatic plant: cloves.

These two ingredients combined make a potent homemade mosquito repellent, since the components of both displease these insects a lot, ensuring that they do not get too close to the area where they have been positioned.

To prepare this anti-mosquito remedy with lemon and cloves, you will only have to cut one of these citrus fruits in half, horizontally as if you were going to make slices, and stick some aromatic cloves of this plant in the pulp. Place it on a plate, and you will have it ready: you can now put several of these lemons to repel mosquitoes throughout your house.

Lemongrass, a Natural Mosquito Repellent

Lemongrass or Cymbopogon, which has many other names around the world such as lemongrass or lemongrass, is a plant related to citronella, with a strong aroma that may be reminiscent of lemon. It is instrumental in repelling mosquitoes and other insects and, therefore, it is widely used today.

With this herb, you can prepare different types of repellants. For example, you can make a water-based spray and pieces of this herb or mix with an infusion of this well loaded. You can also use the essential oil of lemongrass. If you cannot find it, you can use citronella, applying it directly to your skin, mixing it in your usual moisturizer, or mixing it with water to spray it at home.

Finally, another way to avoid mosquitoes in your garden or terrace is to plant lemongrass, directly in the ground or in pots.

How to repel mosquitoes with lemon - forget about the bites - Lemongrass, a natural mosquito repellent
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Lemon Eucalyptus, an Infallible Anti-mosquito

It is a plant scientifically called Corymbia citriodora, commonly known as lemon eucalyptus, lemon-scented eucalyptus, or speckled eucalyptus, which has recently been shown to be much more effective as a repellent than the chemicals used in commercial products.

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You can make an infusion to spray it or use the essential oil of this plant to apply it in some house and on your skin. It is available for as many uses as you want or need throughout the day. You can also include this oil in the mosquito candles you use to make them yourself at home. You will notice that its smell is strong, although pleasant for us and that the insects move away from you.

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