How To Take Care Of Sunflowers: 9 Useful Tips

Is having a garden full of sunflowers your dream? Taking care of these flowers is pretty easy; it will be nice to see your green corner dotted with an expanse of yellow corollas. If you want to bring some home, collect them early in the morning. Here is how to take care of your sunflowers.

1) These flowers tend to adapt to different soil types, but it is preferable to avoid very sandy ones.

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2) To take them in your garden, choose a corner illuminated by the sun.

3) When you decide to plant sunflower, work the soil deeply in the winter season.

How To Take Care Of Sunflowers: 9 Useful Tips
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4) Enrich the soil with an organic fertilizer such as mature manure.

5) Make the planting in the spring; put a few seeds in each little hole, just a couple of centimeters deep. If you plant more sunflowers, expect 30 centimeters between the flowers and 50-60 centimeters between the rows, but consider that the space is functional to the variety, so increase or decrease it according to the needs of the type you have taken.  

6) In the beginning, it is preferable to remove the weeds. Therefore, to treat sunflowers, weed them.

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7) When the sunflowers bloom, you can fertilize with liquid fertilizer without exceeding (obviously consider if you want to take the seeds).

8) In general, there is no need to water the sunflower a lot, especially if the summer climate is dry.

9) To grow very tall sunflowers, consider supporting them. 

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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