How To Choose The Best Honey

Beekeeper Vitaly Yakovenko explains how to choose quality honey. Fortunately, this product is not so often falsified; that is, they sell some sugar syrup without beekeeping products under the guise of honey - usually, dishonest sellers try to sell the honey worse. To ascertain the honey's quality, you need to dip a wooden stick into it. The trickle should drain from the stick "snake" without interruption and fit into a "slide" as opposed to a "hole." Unripe honey contains a lot of moisture, which means that it can ferment soon. Foam and a sour smell will let you know if this has already happened.

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When buying young honey, tilt the jar - the interior mass must be uniform and flow smoothly from wall to wall, leaving a thick layer behind. You should also be alerted if honey is very transparent (for example); this indicates that the honey was either diluted with sugar syrup or heated. Look at the conditions under which honey is sold. If direct sunlight falls on the container with it, it is better to refrain from buying - honey retains its medicinal properties only at temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius. You can store honey at home for no longer than a year.

How To Choose The Best Honey

The best container for sweets

The era of storing honey in three-liter jars is irrevocably gone. If you eat it for a long time from one container, honey absorbs moisture and foreign odors, losing its beneficial properties. When shopping for honey, it's best to grab a few small glass jars with screw caps to help you eat it faster. It is not necessary to store the sweetness in plastic containers for a long time.

This is a temporary package - try to transfer it to glass (ideally, it is better to buy honey in it immediately) or dishes made of ceramic as quickly as feasible. It is strictly forbidden to store honey in a metal container - it reacts with zinc and copper, and toxic substances can accumulate.

Sweet gift and anti-cold

Having spent a minimum of effort and money, you can create a wonderful gift using just a beautiful jar, nuts, spices, and, of course, honey. The craftswoman Katerina Tymoshchuk told us how to do this. "It is best to start work a few weeks before the presentation, or even better - a month before the presentation so that the nuts and dried fruits are thoroughly soaked in honey.

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You will need a jar with a wide neck, honey (crystallized), dried fruits and nuts to taste, as well as ground cinnamon and ginger. Layer on the bottom of the jar put nuts (if desired, you can chop them) and dried fruits, sprinkle with spices on top, and cover with honey. Continue layer by layer until the jar is completely filled. Close it with a lid and decorate as desired. Thanks to the warming properties of honey, cinnamon, and ginger with vitamin filling, this delicacy will be ideal for the cold season.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle