How To Preserve Herbs For A Long Time Without Losing Vitamins

Fresh greens are good for health, but they have one significant drawback; they spoil very quickly. Hryhoriy German, the host of the program "Ranks with Ukraine" on the TV channel "Ukraine," told us how to keep fresh herbs for a long time.

Parsley lowers blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and is good for vision. It must be thoroughly washed and folded into a bag without drying. Then tie the bag so that there is a lot of air in it. Put on the refrigerator's bottom shelf.

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Cilantro improves digestion and aids in the digestion of heavy foods. These greens should be washed and dried with paper towels. After that, wrap it in a dry paper towel and sprinkle it with water. Put it in a plastic bag and store it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

How To Preserve Herbs For A Long Time Without Losing Vitamins

To keep spinach fresh and crisp, it doesn't need to be washed. You will need to cut the unpeeled onions into quarters and fold them into a bag with the spinach. Change the onion every four to five days.

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Dill is a favorite of all those who love young potatoes. Cut off the stems and place them in a glass of water. Cover the top with damp gauze to prevent the dill from wilting.

To preserve green onions for a long time, wrap the white part in damp gauze, and the green part in a dry paper towel.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle